Problems with server crashes


Hello, I’m having several problems with the game overwatch on console xbox one, one of them are the constant connection errors LC-202 and BC-101, I’ve done all the technical repairs by modem, router, configuration on the console itself, port openings , I reinstalled the game, NAT connection (I inform that my NAT is open), and yet in the middle of matches in the competitive mode I constantly suffer server crashes causing loss of competitive points and even suspension for matches that I did not appear to be at risk of having my account forbidden seasons. I’m having problems too with conquests and little boxes, in that case of the year of the pig I made the capture of the “wanted” flag (I won the match, the xbox consquist message informing that it was unlocked appeared, I have in the xbox list that it is unlocked and still in the game did not unlock), the same applies in the boxes with the skins (some skins of this event did not unlock, I needed to do the same again and again to unlock), I would like a support to see if my account is an error, since these problems are recurrent, I await response.