Problems with load of the ptr client


I think they answered on your questions


Fix it? [20characters]


Why did you think that she is currently on live?yesterday they just finished testing her, but live will update as usually


I thought nothing at all. I checked the last time almost a day ago (there were no other possibilities), so I do not know what this is about.
And Google translite doesn’t help much in communicating …


Тогда я тебе так отвечу: чекай overfire, tavern of heros|overwatch , reddit и тд.


А тут и развернуто - никак? Или ссылками на край, если писать лень


1.30 PTR Concluded Only one that you need to know. And it’s the one thing that known about finished testing Ashe . Please proceed :star:


Ashe on live! go check out


It’s still bugged, it still doesn’t load anything… Blizzard really just ignored a post with over 100 replies and 2k views.


Yes it’s true for me too! So it seems mor exciting let’s create new topic on live bug report


Figured this would happen. Hoped it wouldn’t, but it sure did.


I made an in-depth thread about this on the Overwatch subreddit, I hope now it gets noticed…


Yep, called this happening. Now lets see if they ignore it or come out for damage control and have to admit they ignored this thread.


Everyone go on live ptr bug perport PTR Bug where the game would stop loading after a certain point persists in Live

Does not load the image in the game after the update with the Ashe

Close this topic. This is a problem live. Please go there and resent.


now in the normal game the same bug, very cool!!!


Same to me. I’m from Brasil.


Why is there a PTR when the feedback is not taking into consideration?

(Bill Warnecke) #150

(Bill Warnecke) #151

Hey folks, we’ve addressed this issue on live and we’re working to release a patch to fix the problem. Apologies for the hassle, we very much appreciate the info from you that helped us track down the problem.

Closing this thread, further discussion can take place in the live version of this thread which is here.