Problem with storm rising score


There seems to be a problem where storm rising doesn’t calculate scores right

One of the first times I completed the storm rising I got a score of 17k (it said 21k but I think points were deducted for deaths). We were slow, had a lot of deaths.

However, I’ve been practicing with my friends for a while and finally did an insane run. Our team only scored 3 deaths (all for genji) AND we completed the bosses each really fast. I’ve looked at streamers and I can blatantly see they finished they bosses much slower. This seems to be a bug, as this certainly should not be the case

I did a test run after and got an even higher score, yet majority of the time we were kiting around the map hardly dealing damage to the boss, yet I still got more score? (oh and also we got more deaths)

Also yes I did check this with friends leaderboards.

Please help! I’m really REALLY mad because I’ve put so much time into this event and I’ve watched with my own eyes that I’ve LITERALLY done better than people on the top 500 board.


I have the same problem: I completed a run in legendary (score: 20,500) but on the board its written 16,848. Just now I make a better run: 22k but still no change.

So the score is bugged or it taking only care of the score before the final cinematic?


Yeah I’ve been having the same problem. I played about 10 games until I got a really good run and ended up on 21,000 5 stars which would make me top 100. After the game, I went to check the leaderboard and it turns out I had 17,000 and 4 stars /: I was so happy to be top 100 but now I’m no where near even top 500


I’m pretty sure the final score is calculated after you’ve finished, probably due to deaths and such.

Annoying thing for me is that I literally made a better run, we did it extremely fast, 3 deaths, whereas the time before we were kiting around the map. I feel your pain man ._. I was so excited to get on top 500 for once!


Noticed this too. ~29000 became ~21000. Everyone’s score is scaled down so technically it doesn’t affect rank.

More curiously, I noticed that for the story mode record shows me as playing Tracer while in reality I played Genji. Someone in my group has a different score than me on the boards for the same game.

(Santiago Baranda) #6

Heroes, we are aware that the final score for successful Storm Rising runs is not being calculated accurately and we’re working to implement a fix for all platforms as soon as possible.

Thanks for helping us identify this issue through your reports!

Event score bugged?