Problem with having only the new Action and Condition block move tool on the top right


For those using the new Workshop UI it is pretty frustrating and slow to create a new action on the middle of 50 block long list. You currently have to checkbox it, scroll up the 50 list and press spam up on move tool, guess that it might be set on the correct position, go check it back down the 50 list, see that it isn’t, move back up to move, etc.

I know that you can checkbox all the other blocks between the wanted position and move them down by a single down tool press, but its also a bit hard for the basic user, and very frustrating if you failed to check a box and messed up the ordering more after that without noticing.

Recommend either appending scrolling windows to Conditions and Actions like it is implemented on the Rules list, that would keep the tools closer to you when moving in the list. Or return the single block movement tools back.

Edit: Dragging and dropping action and condition blocks to swap their order within a rule would be really nice.