Problem with country change self-service

I have problem with country change self-service. It is asking me about things not relevant for me (questions about WoW and Hearthstone which i didn’t played, physical copies of games which I never bought and about digital copies, which information i no longer have because I only bought Overwatch in 2016 and my bank account history does not reach those informations anylonger). Next it want from me photos with my bills for rent or electricity or things like that with my name and surname, wchich again i can not provide because i do not pay for those things. I need another possibility to change my connected country details. Another aproach to confirm that I am who I am and I live where I live. I just wanted to set my phone number so I can play OW2 and keep my progress from OW.
Please help.

You may not need to do this if you’ve been playing since June 2021 and linked to Bnet previously. More info:

Thank you for replay.
Well, I have account from 2016 and played last time propably around 2018/19.
Did I get it right that it should be enought and I should be able to play from October 7? Or I should have account prior June 9 2021 and play some games after that? My english is not best should I would like to make sure.

Also about country change self-service, in theory I would not need it now but there still can be case in the future when I will need it and the problem will return. Is there another way to contact Blizzard support and change it? As I mentioned in my original post I have difficulties to do it with current tool.

Once again, thank you for rather quick response and I hope that you will help we with thoose as well.


I have the same problem. I was studying at Malaysia but now i have moved to my home country Indonesia. I have opened a ticket at Blizzard support but they haven’t to my email more than 1 day. I hope someone can help me in here because i want to play Overwatch 2. Thank you.

Ok, I can play. Thanks for response.

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