Problem launching overwatch

I press play on Overwatch and what i get is a black screen, then the black screen goes away and the blizzard app says play again on Overwatch. I’ve tried lots of things I’ve seen in other forums, but none of them worked. It might be related to a Geforce Experience, because i was having issues with that too, but was fine after uninstalling and reinstalling. Please help me out, i would like to play overwatch again. I have Dxdiag and MSInfo links if needed, but cant post them.

Which steps did you try from the stickies?

The forum i saw mentioned a lot of other options, like deleting the cache and tools folder and reparing the game, and i didnt try the malware option because i havent used my pc in a week and it was fine last week. I didnt think it would be the razer chroma, but it might be that because i didnt know it had to do with synapse, which i do have, ill try and do what it says there and see if it works.