Private profile? Let's change the UI

Different strokes for different folks. I’ve always been fascinated with seeing other players’ “journey” through this game… you know… which heroes they’ve played, their rank, so on and so forth. And it was never with the intention to mention it to them or any of my friends, I’m just genuinely curious. But of course now with everything being private by default, my curiosity is met with contempt because “you only want to view people’s profiles to be toxic, there could legit not be any other reason” Yeah… okay… :roll_eyes:

Yeah this is what always makes me laugh. The people who bring up “this is my private information!” are the same people who are members of 3 or 4 different forms of social media and have already willingly given up information about themselves, information that could actually make their lives miserable if it fell into the wrong hands.

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These concerns only apply if expose any real life information, like your voice or face. Therefore, I doubt your sincerity here as Blizzard’s Real ID and voice/data harvesting is far more concerning: One mistake from Blizzard is all it takes to accidentally reveal your real life name to your “friends” or even other players, depending on how badly Blizzard screws us.

And having a 3 second voice pattern is enough for scammers to place fake phone calls to your loved ones that sound just like you.

You don’t have anything against it, yet you find it “alarming” that such a feature is needed.


not sure why top 3 even matters. My top 3 are characters I primarily played in OW1 years ago, and now I play mostly different characters.

Also the thought of the other team counterpicking my main right out the gate – even if it was accurate – is not fun. (That probably only really applies to tank players though.)

Having the option to view profile grayed out if it’s private is plenty enough imo.

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True. But it CAN tell you why that outcome happened, that’s why I check them mostly after a match.
Before a match I only check my role partner and/or my role enemy.

It’s so I can undertand why the outcome was what it was.
It’s so I can understand why someone got countered and didn’t swap.
It’s so I can understand why my Moira is getting outhealed by the other support.
When I lose and it’s my fault, I know why I lost. When I lose and it’s not on me (I can’t control) career profiles can help understand that.

It’s not about bullying someone into swapping, neither is it about them playing who you want. Even if you’re asking and/or telling someone to swap into or out of a counter, that’s not bullying nor you telling them to play someone you want. That’s trying to win.

Like I said, they have every right to play who they want but they also need to understand that by doing so they aren’t helping the team.


Mostly every hero has counters or unfavorable matchups. There’s a reason why the game let’s you swap heroes mid match.

Wow, I see the UI tip is greatly appreciated. I hope it will get more and more visibility.

However, I would like to clarify for some that this topic was not created to talk about how right or wrong it was to have private or public profiles. However, I strongly agree on two points:

1 - the public profile for me had to be a default setting that was managed by the player’s DECISION, and not by the basic settings of the account when it is opened. There are too many players who have no idea that they have a private profile and who, starting out, cannot make it clear that they are still inexperienced players (therefore still requiring a little practice and above all empathy on how they behave on the battlefield which still have to know well);

2 - before even talking about “make available the immediate viewing of statistics” to players who have decided to make their profiles public (mouse over their accounts to be able to see their 3 main picks), I think it is ABSOLUTELY a priority to restore a feature that OW2 removed us for this forum: the statistics in the browser. And not for a simple form of “privacy” or prejudice, but because it precludes many forms of feedback for which the browser statistics consultation tool was born for those who wanted advice on how to improve or even those trying to use the LFG section ( which in the game was eliminated without psiegations). try it: going to a person’s profile will redirect you to a 404 page, regardless of whether they are a public or private profile. it is to all intents and purposes a disservice to a profile feature, regardless if you later decide to make it public or private for consultation in the forum. maybe you are not interested in this tool, but it is not correct to make it available in the forum and then find yourself on a 404 page. therefore a choice is needed: either you re-update the forum to prevent this consultation (after all, they have made the "orange " of the developers) or you have to work to re-establish this service online instead of relying on the general statistics of external sites (overbuff);

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They are still there for PC…

It does not work for console… Just click on “view profile” and then remove “PC” from link, when you get 404 error.

It is tiring, but it works.


Thanks, very useful to know. :hugs: But… maybe they should still solve it for those who actually don’t know that there is this method. :sweat_smile:

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Private profiles should not exist period, especially in competitive.

You’re not an OWL head coach, you’re not in any position of authority over me, you’re probably the same skill level as me since we’re in the same game, and my judgment is simply better than yours about what heroes will be effective. Shut up and play and stop obsessing over my profile - it won’t help you do your job better.

Oh for sure this needs addressing… What I said is work around the issue, not the evidence there is no issue.

But on the other hand I feel like there are more important things to do so… :woman_shrugging:

I miss the brief period when you could simply mouse over everyone in the match and see some quick stats on them.

Whoever decided THIS is what made people toxic, well, I think they had good intentions but have hopefully learned a valuable lesson. There’s really only 1 cure for toxicity and hiding stats ain’t it.

Even an article on dexerto :flushed:?! what an exaggeration, but… glad it could be a popular opinion :face_with_hand_over_mouth:.

Or a better QoL, just stop wasting game time clicking players icons to see information about them

I think it more toxic to see someone’s profile and question why they aren’t playing a hero they main. And complain about it

Like looking at a support player and seeing all the heroes they main are dps.

I enjoy private profiles and I think this would be a wonderful change.