Priority Queue should be added for backfillers

I just “played” a game where I queued for 6 minutes but played for 5 seconds. I’m not exaggerating. I couldn’t even leave spawn before the defeat screen.


Yea true… That would be good change.

Also i suggest to give 2x exp for the next game (that you have to finish ofc)


Didn’t they just PTR exactly that?

…yep, PTR update for July 15.

I’d rather a x2 XP for winning the game you backfilled.

If you join the last 10 sec you have very little impact on the game… Its not fair and it feels terrible and a waste of time.


Not every backfill is that bad. I filled in for a game yesterday and turned it around for my team. I’d rather be recognized and rewarded for doing that, then simply given a bonus the next round for doing nothing special.

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I think he means those games where someone leaves seconds before the game ends, but the game put a random player into your game only to be greeted by the defeat screen & then your forced to re-queue.

iam talking about the last seconds fill ins… that happen very often … and not the games where you have enough time to actually play the game and charge an ult…

happened to me a few times, 8 minute queue then Athena says Play of the Game