Priority pass makes the game worse

i thought it was a good move. in paper is great but in reaity every game comes down to which team has the bad tanks. there are many players who just tank and throw. you cant carry terrible tanks, its not possible. no priority pass for losses please.

Hopefully, these players who flex for tickets and loose will get pushed down to lower ranks where their throwing isn’t as much of a throw anyway an the problem will solve itself.

…eventually that is.

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I am still voting for 1 pass for a loss 3 for a win OR we increse the passes you need to enter priority Q to 2 instead of 1.

One thing people have to keep in mind is that most of those “throwing” Tank Players have played DPS or Support exclusively and are now in Games at their Mains MMR Range and people expect them to play like that after just playing the role for maybe 2 or 3 weeks? Not gonna happen

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loss should go to zero. i dont like it bcs i use flex myself but man i cant stand these tanks. games should not be gg from spawn. i neve felt so helpless in 2-2-2. its like pre roleq again. a total mess.

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Where would be the point then in Flex Q? If you have to perform like a diamond Tank because you are a Diamond Support but your knowledge and practice only allow you to play like a gold Tank you will lose 90% of your games until your MMR has been adjusted. If we now take away the passes for losses completely noone will Q for Flex who hasn’t already done that before. Which will then make the system irrelevant.


If a loss was worth 0 nobody would do it. Nobody is going to play (on average) 2 matches that can be 10 minutes a piece to save a couple minutes in the queue they actually want to play.

In QP not much to do about it just you can’t do much about many problems but in Comp, especially with different SR for each role, this shouldn’t pose a lot of problem if they throw to get tickets and will probably end up way low.
Devs also say they are making an active effort to detect misuse of the feature so let’s hope they are being able to (Using the Priority Pass and Intended Use)

2 for a win. 0 for a loss

Well, it will take too long because placements doesn’t usually change your SR by much and most of these will probably just play the placements for the flex roles.

Imo Priority passes should be disabled for placements so people are forced to play actual matches that will impact their SR.

I don’t understand how the matches differ when you flex. It still impacts your SR, except the game chooses your role instead of you.

I’m talking about placement matches dude…

Maybe you meant that you won’t get flex players in your placement matches?
I really don’t know what you mean.

No I mean that you shouldn’t be allowed to gain priority passes from placements, as there is no risk basically lol.

Placement matches are basically normal games, but your SR is hidden until you complete them. There is no difference unless you have a brand new account.

Has it actually been confirmed? cause as far as I always known you stay around the same.

Because in the past I’ve lost like all my placements and still placed the same, unless they changed this since roleq well it was more like 2-8 lol but yeah

I don’t have any evidence I could present you right now except what I and people I know experienced. Sorry.

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It’s ok no problem gDFKLGDFLGFLDGDL

I just really wanna know how they work :eye: :lips: :eye: