Priority pass doesnt even work

They could take away the passes, just leave flex queue there, and dps queue times would be the exact same.

Because passes are so stupidly easy to obtain and you can stack 40, literally 99% of people queuing dps have a pass. When everyone is boosted to the front of the line, no one is boosted to the front of the line.


You can’t use priority passes unless the queue is congested.

Your “99% of people queueing DPS have a pass” is incorrect.


I really don’t know why they give so many passes so easily… tbh I played flex because the dps role became hit scan watch.
But after a couple of games I already reached limit of 40 passes… It should be 1 pass for 1 game… I guess 2 at max not more.

Not at all.

We have 2+ years showing that DPS players will grumble, but would rather wait 10+ minutes then willingly play tank.

Now we have a month showing that if you dangle the carrot of quicker DPS queues, a percentage of those will gladly queue up for tank. DPS times are down even when not using the pass.

It can be argued that we won’t get a fair assessment until the Winter event ends, but as a DPS player who’s played more tank/support in the last 2 weeks then the last 2 years, it appears to be working.


which says to me, that TS is right and everyone just have this free feature already collected and keep it 40/40, so there is no effect at all. Dps role is always impacted and now it is impacted even more because all tank mains and support mains have these badges for free, and actual dps mains w/o passes have 11-16 min q.

Maybe they will only adjust it in January.

They released it already to go with the event, but the tuning was left for after their holiday break.

  1. DPS queues become congested
  2. Pass option lights up
  3. Everyone who has has a pass clicks it. This is, in fact, everyone, and their cat, the cat’s kittens, and their grandkittens, because stacking passes is easier than breathing.
  4. Queue unchanged (possibly lengthened due to kittens appearing in queue)

A flex game should only award a portion of a pass, in my opinion, a number less than one, and definitely less than six. Six seems like a hilariously incorrect number to me. It honestly makes me wonder if it isn’t some elaborate hoax/placebo set up by Blizzard to get DPS mains to queue for other roles.

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Okay? This means nothing. Dps queue times are the same with or without a pass.

flex q = priority placebo

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The pass itself works perfectly fine for me.

but when I have DPS healers on the other hand…

It is strange to me that people say their queue times aren’t shorter, because I had a difference from 10-11 minutes to 2-3 minutes in both QP and Comp when using a pass.

Further tuning is needed IMO, passes are obtained too easily. Originally I was in favor of only providing passes for win’s but this risks people’s time effectively being wasted by a system designed to increase quality of time spent in game.

1 pass for a loss, 2-3 for a win.

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If that is what you are getting from reading that then you failed at basic reading comprehension.

The post says that when usable the pass will shorten queue. Most of the time the pass is usable, therefore MOST of the time it has value (I dont know what its like in lower leagues it is probably even MORE common then).

besides the fact you gain more value from spending time in one flex q game gaining 6 to 2 passes nomatter of the outcomme, and then you just go and increase dps q for 2 or 6 games straight like everyone else. Award for win/loose should be lowered, 1 for a win, and 1 for two looses in a row, otherwise feature is not working.

Where’s your proof of this? I just had a game where the other DPS (both of us solo queued) said his wait was 15 minutes without a pass. Mine was 4 with a pass. For the exact same game.

I’m gonna say it once more:

  • Make 1 priority pass cost 3 tickets.

  • Make winning a game, 2 tickets.

  • Losing a game gives you none. :slight_smile:

Queue times were doing better for a few days, I was getting quick queues for a little while, but now everyone who flex has pass, so DPS queue times without pass are getting worse and worse.

I averaged between 3-5 minutes depending on time, etc, for QP DPS, PC NA, before this system was added.

I am now waiting 7-8 minutes per game. Like, this is a joke.

Blizzard is so notorious of having great ideas with literal trash implementation.

This is one of them.

Pretty much every time I heard of this system as an idea from the community, the people were talking about how many matches it would take to get 1 pass.

ANd Blizzard thought giving 6 per win and 2 per loss was a good ratio. Which just means the system literally encourages more people to queue as DPS overall.

Why does Blizzard always go out of their way to make things dumb.

Just try it yourself. Queue dps without pass then queue dps with pass. There was actually a post a couple days ago where someone did record this over 10 games and the pass on average made no difference.