Primal Rage before 4 meat in Yeti Hunt


I’ve only seen this so far with the meat closest to the Mei spawn, but in Yeti Hunt Winston can get Primal without even getting 4 meats. Not sure if this was a glitch in prior years because I’ve never seen this bug before this year. I had 2 highlights I was going to post but links aren’t allowed in these posts. Hope this is enough information.


well, I thought I have the solution, it didn’t work later tho
all i know that every time it worked for me it had to be leaping around his shield thing.

(Chris Avina) #3

Thanks for the report. This will be added to our known issues list and researched further internally.


I got it to work once without the shield, It’s quite hard and it ranges from 2% gain up to 80% for a leap

blizz replied to 2 comments and I don’t know where to post evidence…


Since now i see Blizzard Employees ARE active on this forum even after the MANY MANY bug reports on the issue, i will try to get your attention with a reply on a completely unrelated post. Can someone check out the blizzardworld map ? There are A LOT of players posting bugs related to it since yesterday and nobody replied so far.
I mean nobody replying just seems like a “we dont care because the event will end sooner or later anyway and the map will revert back to the non-buggy version” but, by then, quite some people might stop playing this game because of the ton of inconsistencies. For good this time.Pretending that this issue does not exist or is simply too small for someone to care just seems like a great way to lose a large chunk of your consumer base.


Yeah this happened to me too and I came here to report it lol. I don’t think it was a bug on the previous years and I won almost instantly because of it. Everyone was super freaked out.


Yeah happened to me too and all the players in the match (who were the yeti hunters mei) 4 reported me :frowning: They said i was hacking so…just wanted to let them know and blizz know that im NOT hacking i dont even know how to hack and please fix it