Prices of OWL tokens is horrible

10 teams, 36 heroes, and pretty much $12 for just one hero. So pretty much, you need to spend roughly $432 to buy every skin for one whole team.

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yeah you arent supposed to buy every skin lmao

(they are a little bit pricey for just recolors tho I’ll give you that)

Brother, I’ve bought 10 skins and spent $0. What you on about?

Also, the league tokens have always been insanely expensive. They’re only slightly more expensive now.

I agree theyre too pricey, but at the same time these skins are very earnable. Once OWL starts you can literally get them for free relatively easily. I got 7 skins today from tokens I had from last season.

Ill eventually get all of the NYXL skins. I have all of the old ones, but I like the new color scheme better.

Here’s a tip for you: ONLY buy legendary OWL skins. Only team skin I ever bought was Shanghai dragons Doomfist. I still didn’t know you could earn them for free by watching and the first 200 they have everyone free I spent on this skin. Missed out on first release of Pacific and Atlantic skins. Ever since then I only used my farmed tokens on legendary skins.

Unless you really like and support the team.

Then just buy the one you like the most or the one which reminds you of your favorite OWL player.
Having them all is too much. (also they clutter the skil selection too much imo).

You should have been earning them for free from the streams.