Pretty sure we won’t see anything from devs till next week (Jeff responded)


If The ptr has to have a major update at some point.

Next week would be the last week for that.

Because of time left till the New Years Event.

Edit: Just putting a link here for guessing the surprise 🛰 Let’s think logically about guessing the Surprise (not big, highlight little surprise)

Cough New Story! Is this the little surprise?!

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:artificial_satellite: Let’s think logically about guessing the Surprise (not big, highlight little surprise)

Sadly, I think if there was a big update coming we’d have heard more about it by now - unless I’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks. :frowning:


My guess is they are planning a PTR update to go with the developer update and hit an issue which is delaying both the developer update and the PTR update.


It’s because Jeff has several secretly secretive secretaries among his Secrets and we can only hope to see one secret likely in this next update.


Secretary is next hero confirmed? Office stapler main weapon?


I blame auto correct

(Jeff Kaplan) #7

We worked on a balance patch this week. We’re hoping to put that patch on the PTR next week. The last time I said that, it was late and everyone flipped out. So please, don’t flip out if things slip… they often do.

Also, there’s another cool little surprise coming next week. Excited!

(sorry no details at this time as changes are still in flux… the PTR will get notes when it goes out… no dev update)

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is junkrat being looked into? junkrat needs some kind of buffs, badly


(Also hey Jeff)


I promise I won’t slip. I’ll take any buffs or changes right now


dont know if you are going to read this and this post was ages ago but i do want to apologise for my the devs hate tank players post i created ages ago


praying for 8 seconds bionade


I hope its the long awaited teleporter buffs.

yes, excited!


This is nice to hear. Believe us, there will be people who freak out, but the majority just want to hear news, even generic news, like this more then once a month. Just to know what is the haps.

Thank you :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we get any word on if this is the big patch that requires a reinstall of the client and if so will there be any background download ahead of time?


Please Symmetra changes!!


Oh I like surprises! :smile:


Is it just the new map then?


When he says next week he means this upcoming week… right? Not the following week?


Potentially but I think Jeff would more directly hint at a map considering we are expecting it soon anyway instead of saying its a surprise implying unexpected.