Praise jeff for ana buff (WE HAVE PTR NOTES)

Patch notes for PTR

Who cares about anything but this part:


  • Biotic Rifle
    – No longer impacts allies at full health



Don’t forget :

and most importantly :


It’s about time, Ana has been dumpstered for too long.
Still nothing about Rein or McCree though…

Finally. Im happy for any support to get buffed! :joy: (im a support main)

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People don’t get the pre-emptive heal. Her heal isn’t instant. So sometimes we just spam the tank even if he’s not damaged yet. So it’s a nerf

She should just pierce everything and decrease the value from 100%>70%>50% healing and 100%>30%>10% damage

Make allies transparant

Make her ledge grab or get into position faster so we don’t need allies to be effing transparant.

She needs self sustain… Heal 50 by reloading or something her reload takes forever. Ana will remain trash…

An Ana buff is a Rein buff.


I’ve been playing zen instead of ana (I love zenny boi, but ana will always be my fav), and will really love to see Ana be better and a more viable pick.

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Make her reload a tiny bit faster and heal (Not damage) through enemy shields and we’re good IMO.

Her magazine is soon being increased from 10 to 14 btw.

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There’s Mercy for pre-empetive healing.