I’ve created a code that opens up the practice range with the experimental changes.

The settings should update automatically every time the experimental is up. If there is no experimental available, the settings should be the same as the default practice range.


Good work.

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Oi, overwatch dev’s look at this guy, hes doing better then some of u lmao

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They’re working on making it easier to start up. I’m hoping this’ll just be a temporary way of making things smoother :grin:

Thank you so much!

Being curious… how did you do it? I tried but it wouldn’t let me have the mode be practice range and turn on experimental.

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There’s an option in the custom game settings to apply experimental changes if there is an experimental card is up!

I just used Jeff’s little guide:


normally you have to go into custom…create a training room (its one of the presets)…then go to lobby and turn on “use experimental numbers” (i forget the exact wording but its an option)…its honestly not hard to do though OP just did all that for you

though i think it ends up being the roughly the same amount of clicking to put in code and such :upside_down_face:

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There’s a present??!?? I always use the mode in the gamemode options and it always gives the invalid setting message.

At the moment, i still can’t save preset modes for further use.

Even after scan/repair, and reinstalling the game twice.

Is there a bug going on or what? I put a thread on tech support, and still no reply whatsoever.

Do you mean you can’t save presets you’ve downloaded with a code? or you can’t save your own presets?

Both. I even tried saving the same game code by using different names for several copies - it shows ‘saved’ at the spot.

But none will be saved once i log out and restart my game client.

I’m not sure why you’re getting these problems. I’m able to save presets from codes fine D:

Did you turn the number of “Team 2 players” to 0?

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Oh… now I feel stupid…

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I didn’t think of it myself before it happened, don’t worry.

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