Power was shut off and i am suspended for 20 hours

Who can tell me what number to call?

The power company’s? Sorry to say but all forms of crashing including power outages counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. I will observe if you hit the 24-hour penalty, that means you already have history of leaving games (again that includes any technical malfunctions), and at that penalty level you are one more leaver violation away from a season ban.

With season 13 only a few days away from ending, I strongly encourage you to avoid Competitive play at this point (even if you have resolve any technical issues), as a season ban will result in THE LOSS OF ALL END OF SEASON REWARDS including bonus competitive points. A season ban also puts you one step closer to a permanent season ban. Any account that is issued 3 season bans will be PERMANENTLY banned from the Competitive Play mode.

A new season starts a player fresh so I hope you consider holding off until next season and avoid the full penalty. You can learn about Blizzard’s policy on why players with technical issues are penalized for leaving Competitive games here: