📛 POTG discrimination? Where are the cool POTGs for excellent plays by tank players and epic rescues by support players?

I’ve never seen Ana’s POTG, so you beat me there.

At least you had to press a button and only died once. Look at this.

Anna kills enemies and the POTG encourages such gameplay.

Basically the only sure way for her to get one is to get like 3 frags on a grav with the grenade and help to finish the others.

I think it’s been brought to Blizzard’s attention at least once but nothing has been done since.

Ah there you wrong something has happened :wink: They have promised us POTG 2.0 3 years ago:

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Maybe I can give some insight into how the Play of the Game is picked.

A few months back someone posted an article to /r/games that badly describe (so I’m going to give the patent version not article one) a patent application (No. 20180161675) that was submitted by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. What the patent describes is a method for picking the Play of the Game.

The rundown on what is describe is a rolling window. A window is interval of time say 5 seconds long that is swept through the duration of the match. Each time the window is pushed forwards a rating is given for that window (my guess would be the fire rating) for each player. The player with the highest rated window gets the Play of the game.

The side effect of windowing any dataset is the window acts like a high pass filter. Only allowing very bursty values to be detected, like eliminating multiple players in very quick succession.


Seems valid. I assume that they check for the fire value changes inside the window.

In this case we just need some new metrics to detect tanks and supports plays.

And some slowmo and camera positioning effects may make it more epic. First person view is critical for DPS POTGs but tank and support POTGs may use third person view.

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I think in my year and a half of playing this game I have gotten one Ana POTG. I saved my friend who was playing Rein from dying to the enemy Rein by using Nano Boost(without the healing buff). A few seconds after I did a 1v1 against Orisa and won but it didn’t show that part. Moira, Lucio, and Brigitte are better at getting POTG between all of the supports.

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Think of POTG as like a highlight in pro sports. Most of those involve scoring plays. Same here except elims are like scores. So naturally DPS gets a lot of POTG’s.

It could be natural if there was no other roles in the game except DPS. Tanks and supports have harder time killing people then DPS because they should also do other stuff to keep teammates alive so POTGs for kills mostly encourage DPS players. And if you think about it the 3+ kills are pretty common and there are several such plays in almost every game if it is so common then why it is a POTG at all?

You should think of POTGs like the game changing moments for the team. Saving the 3+ teammates may impact the game as much as killing 3+ enemies but POTGs for saves so uncommon and not epic at all with current detection mechanic.


Your assumption is correct. It would be all the events (damage, healing, etc) that are summed up for a total value for the duration of the window.

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I see why sometimes it may “ignore” some killstreaks and “favor” others. If window was pushed during killstreak and some kills are happened in old window and some in new it may be just not enough fire value comparing to lesser killstreak that happened in the single window.

Let’s hope they will remember about POTG 2.0 and show some love for tank and support classes.

One of my favorite plays of the game:

For me…POTG can be something amazing…or sometimes someone getting a single kill, someone tagging enemies when someone else is killing them…it’s a roulette of mystery.

I wish there was a better algorithm for it but it seems to hover around the same kinda stuff. Who killed what the fastest, or who it thinks did.

People tripping on my mines did make me go on fire so that’s what probably helped to bump it up. I’ve gotten some as Mercy doing a rez and then the person I rezzed popped off too.

I gave up trying to fully understand it awhile ago.

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Baby D.Va throwing herself onto the mine is hilarious :joy:

We don’t need to understand how it works we just need to remind Blizzard that there is something wrong with the current POTG selection and it could be better.

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I know right? She just welcomed death XD

But yeah, there’s so many times that I could see team mates getting it…I wish it was able to detect when a game changing event happened, like that major stall or the sneaky back cap, just to mix it up.

Like this one here was only a highlight, when I felt it was a pretty good point saving play, assisted in all the kills and pulled the enemy team into a dying Junkrat’s bombs, along with getting two kills myself.

Maybe in the future…

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“Only dps can have an impactful moment/ult”
Zenyatta says hi


But that was my point. The game should not detect only kills as POTG moments it should also detect excellent tank jobs and support jobs that are not involved kills. Some Anna nades may impact the game even more than 4+ killstreaks but it never shown in POTG if Anna didn’t kill someone same time.

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As a support player, I love to see cool DPS/Tank POTG every time.

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When I see our Anna purple the whole enemy team that leads to a wipe, and it doesn’t get recognition I want to scream.

Or drops a team saving nade that finishes that last push or helps against a giant push. The Zenyatta that heals through a grav/dragon…the list is endless.

100% agreed.

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Strange when i use ult then discord anyone and they die i get POTG not just from kills