📛 POTG discrimination? Where are the cool POTGs for excellent plays by tank players and epic rescues by support players?

That what typical DPS player think. How about Anna throws bionade just in time to help 4 teammates survive incoming damage? How about Mercy who dancing over the battlefield to dodge enemy fire and still manages to keep teammates alive?

Every role has it’s own job in the game but the game encourages only DPS job - killing enemies. And yeah if Rein manages to save his team from flying D.Va bomb it deserves the POTG.


Overwatch has this hidden scoreboard that i assume calculate how much you did in a given time (more or less time of the potg sequence i guess. It unfortunately doesnt seem to be advanced enough to tell that 4 kills that gave you up to 400 fire points were less worthy than a rein that “saved his team” from d.vas bomb (it’s kinda more on them to hide behind rein). Besides, there is that “life saver” type of potg that i assume was meant to give potg for such plays. For whatever reason its super rare and sometimes super weird like i once got life saver for killing mccree that was behind us?? i did nothing more i was just going from spawn and headshoted him as zen.

To be honest the bigger problem is that you can easily get potg with heroes such as genji, torb (a least until his rework), junk, moira or widow (given you have good aim) etc but it’s super hard to get potg with sombra, ana or zarya - it’s either there was something better or it was stolen from you. You got whole team in the grav to secure winning? cool thing but we will still give that potg to that hanzo and his dragons.

I play tanks too buddy, in fact, I’ve been almost only playing them. Tens of hours on then across all 3 accounts.

Throwing a nade into your team alone shouldn’t get you POTG, you should have to heal them and damage enemies.

Blocking a D.Va bomb does not deserve POTG, and I have never thought that on Reinhardt. However, charging it should. It’s just funny.

It’s not a matter of being a DPS player. Kill a lot, you get POTG. Heal a lot, you get POTG.

You act like I’m saying tanks and supports don’t deserve it. They do, but not for a weak play like putting up your shield. Using your extremely Guardian Angel mobility to easily not die. Throwing a nade into a team. All of that is simply too easy to reward potg. In fact, I hate watching easy DPS ones. Soldier, Junkrat, Reaper, etc…

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Does anyone think it would make sense for a vote screen to pop up and people actually vote for who they think is POTG and the winning candidate gets a clip of what they did best?


I have never saw pure healing POTGs maybe they are exist somewhere idk. Throwing nade just in time to rescue the team is hard enough throwing it so it heals and debuffs many targets same time event harder and when this nade allows to repel push or vice versa it deserves the POTG more then Junk tire or D.Va bomb. Same for others if Rein manages to position himself so he could protect team from flying D.Va bomb he has done pretty good tank job.

The problems as I wrote above is that the game tracks killing jobs for POTG and not the others.

Maybe some system where the 3 POTG candidates appear for 4 seconds for vote would work but still the game should track tank and support jobs and not only kills.

it is annoying to have multiple great plays and then watch potg go to someone who pressed q

however, the system is actually pretty close to fair imo and the adjustments need to be on a hero level instead of on a role level

for example, ana needs to be bumped up the list, emp needs to be bumped up the list, etc

Video yes, what I mentioned before that, no. There is a life saver potg.

So why there are tanks and supports if the game encourage DPS plays let all classes be DPS an kill people. Tanks and supports have harder time killing people then DPS they should also do other stuff. Imagine how fun it would be if they didn’t distract on saving others and just concentrate on killing the enemies.


They are from DPS, because Blizz never has gotten around to implementing the system that was bandied about where each game an area, say healing, dps or shielding, etc. was pre-selected, and the highest scorer in that area got POTG… instead we are reduced to mindless Genji ult, Pharah ult, and McCree ults over and over …

please don’t be hyperbolic with me

I did not disagree wholly with the idea, just said that it needs to be touched up from a hero level not a broad-sweeping role level

it’s not like it’s impossible and some heroes have more opportunity than others in the tank/sup role, such as rein, dva, lucio, zen… it just needs specific heroes to be looked at

My initial message was about to give the each role comparable chances to get the POTG for the role jobs and not for the kill jobs only. If you think about it the 3+ kills are pretty common and there are several such plays in almost every game if it is so common then why it is a POTG at all?

which is why it should be adjusted by hero and not by role

broad sweeping changes to how healing or shielding factor in will make specific heroes get the lion’s share of potgs while there will still be heroes who won’t

I legit had a triple kill with an anti grenade and then a sleep assist kill as Ana. The POTG goes to a double kill by our Genji. I’ve only ever seen 2 Ana POTG and 2 Orisa POTG, I’ve been playing since beta.


Good thing I leave the match always before potg.

I remember getting a Ana potg by killing 3 or 4 enemies. 1 with the nade and 2 or 3 with rifle. It was spectacular!

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So that is my point. Why did you get POTG as Anna for killing people if your primary task is to keep your team alive secondary task is to keep yourself alive third task is to support your team by enemy debuffs and just in time sleep darts and the last thing expected from Anna is the enemy kills.

I see your Torb-like play and I raise you a great support potg


They should de- prioritize the Q Potgs and instead give favor to “Sharpshooter”, “Life saver” and gun play kills by heroes like: Tracer, Soilder, Mcree, Sombra, Hammond and many others…


I got an Ana play of the game Tuesday. It felt underwhelming

I’ve gotten 4 Ana PotG’s since I started playing. Only one of them was actually impressive, while the rest are derpy ones like this.


The PotG algotirhm could definitely use improvement.