📛 POTG discrimination? Where are the cool POTGs for excellent plays by tank players and epic rescues by support players?

Indeed it was =)

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POTG is about who pressed Q at the best time and got most kills. Which is why you see Genji a lot on these.

It’s just another pointless system in a game of pointless system.

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Yeah some nice POTGs you have there but they all involves killing enemies. But how much tank POTGs you’ve got without kills just for doing tank stuff right?


PoTG doesnt really make a difference to me personally. At this point we all know it’s basically get a triple kill or two environmental for a good chance at getting it.

If you really want to feel impactful then look to your teammates and make a change yourself. Example complimenting good kills from DPS, blocked ults or great mechanics from tanks and thanking the healers for saving everyone.

Goes a long way in stopping tilt from your team and yourself as well.

I’ve posted this earlier

What it does is discouraging team play, since play of the game usually goes to whoever gets most kills at the same moment. Together with medal system, it encourages players to be as selfish as possible.

Those players, who alone dive into enemy team, usually have same thought: “I will kill them all and get all the glory, gold medals and play of the game”.

Overwatch is game, where you compete with your own team, with same players you supposed to work with :worried:


Yep, but It depends as well. For the 2nd to 4th Reinhardt POTGs, I was pushing the point with my team mates behind me which allowed me to secure the Shatters and then the kills. Of course, the cam did not capture that unfortunately.

The last Winston POTG was all about pushing the point. Hit the ult just in time. Fended the point and managed to Party Kill. Pushed the payload until the 2nd checkpoint and stalled for Win.

I agree, for Tanks, the POTGs are about the eliminations but as I described, the tank actions leading to the build up created the perfect scenario but yeah, cam only shows the kills, not the “tanky actions”.

The irony, is that, for the POTG as Garbage, my team lost. DId not even manage to capture CP1 because there was this level 2300+ Platinum-Gold border player who was killing us as Hanzo. Yet, I got the POTG… I was like “huh?!”


If blizzard makes a system where they can perfectly gauge kills vs playmaking potential or making a good push as tank the LAST thing they should do would be change the potg system as that would completely solve 99% of the issues with MMR or whatever. You go do that my guy. Revolutionise competitive.

Just go Rein and get a fat shatter in bruh! lol

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The medal system as pretty arbitrary along with PoTG, however PoTG has less of an impact on player behavior than medals. Maybe a rework to medals one day could be a good idea, for the life of me I dont know what they’d do though lol.

I agree with you in that the Medal system encourages bad gameplay though. PoTG I havent seen as much. Mostly just the one player getting the warm and fuzzies and the rest leaving the match because they lived it once real time then again in the kill cam and dont want to relive it a third lol

The times I play tank (D.VA or Rein) I don’t feel it’s impossible to get PotG, with some supports however… Moira is pretty okay, she’s probably the one I get PotG with most (usually for healing/killing with ult), with Mercy it happens a few time and they are always extremely boring and make me feel bad people have to watch it, and Ana… just doesn’t happen. Ever. Except for three times in arcade.

So yes, some support definitely struggle to get it, and I personally see it mostly go to characters like Hanzo, Genji, Junkrat and Doomfist.

It would be incredibly boring to see yet another Rein PotG where he just holds up his shield and so on.

Then probably game should show 3 POTGs, for each role.

If they add stats/medals tracking for critical damage blocked for damage that would kill teammates otherwise and critical healing applied for the heals that prevent teammate from dying due to damage in next 5 seconds. That stats would be enough for capturing nice tank and support POTGs fo example if tank saved the 4 teammates from dying from D.Va bomb or Support save 3 teammates during the push.

I don’t even bother watching Genji, Junkrat and Dva POTG’s. It’s usually all the same and all they did was just using their ultimates.

But what kinda annoys me is that I can’t play the next match because the POTG of the previous match isn’t finished yet, even if I have already left the lobby.

The POTG system is broken. Why am I forced to wait till it is finished before I can play the next match?

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I think it will devalue POTGs too much and even more players would skip it. Maybe shorten the main POTG and adding some secondary POTGs with cinema-style transition effects may work but still it is not the same.

This does not mean they should allow to skip POTGs this means they should fix the POTGs.

Geoff Goodman: “There’s a plan to do what we’re calling Play of the Game 2.0,” he said. “It’s been on the books for a little while. It’s just a matter of prioritizing everything. We have a lot of really cool ideas. We want to do a lot with the camera work. We have ideas for cooperative Play of the Games. Because what we have right now, is Zarya could ult, and then Genji gets the credit. And that’s like, ‘Come on!’”

“So we want to highlight the combo play itself, to show both,” he added. “There’s some tricky things there, like how do we handle Play of the Game intros, and how do we decide who gets credit.”

This could fix a lot of problems. This means that even Ana will be in a spotlight more often.

Unfortunately is this from an interview from 2 years ago and has there not been a single update about it.



Yeah but if we will not remind them about it here and there everything will stay the same.

Ah that is why such skillful moments are just in every game so much skillful DPS out there and so little skillful tanks and supports


Get kills, get POTG. Get a ton of healing, get POTG. That’s how the fire system works. And it makes sense.

I’d rather not watch a POTG of a Rein putting up his shield to block a D.Va bomb, that isn’t a big play, especially when D.Va bomb is the easiest to dodge. Get that FAT shatter? Heck yeah, you’ll get the POTG you deserve. Putting up your shield or healing a low health hero isn’t a POTG game-changing super good play IMO.

If I’m being honest, you shouldn’t need to be getting POTG just to want to keep playing.