📛 POTG discrimination? Where are the cool POTGs for excellent plays by tank players and epic rescues by support players?

That’s what I actually want to say. Many people said they saw the POTGs from supports and tanks but in most cases it involves killing enemies and it is not what tanks and support roles about.

I try to say that we should also get POTGs for doing tank stuff and support stuff so great that it impact the match!

Someone says that Mercy steals the POTGs pretty often but it is only because she get POTG when someone else kills the enemies this renders bad attitude for Mercy players. It would be great if Mercy could get POTG for doing Mercy stuff great like avoiding being killed during the push dancing around the battlefield while providing heal where it is needed!


It’s just how game is created: it’s centered on kills.

Let’s compare medals:

  • Kills: 3 medals, kills, kills on objective, damage dealt.
  • Healing: 1 medal.
  • Tanking: none.

And then we wonder, why it’s hard to find people playing supports and tanks willingly, and actually do healing/tanking, instead of going for kills…


Excellent tank plays? Epic Rescues?? AHAHAA These things dont exist thus you get no potg!

In all seriousness potg is flawed, sure everyone no has pulled off something truly game changing only to see Genji ult and kill two people. Yes im calling you out Genji cos its always bloody Genji.

One day itll get its tweaks…think they said they were working on it like 2 years ago by now, so must be due any day now :stuck_out_tongue:


POTG is completely random most of the time i think they just pick a player before the game & go with there best multi kill.

I’ve had a 5 kill & 4 kill in the same game with Reaper’s Ult & seen the Soldier get it with a 3 with his Ult

When you get 3 kills with Doomfist & clear the point then you see a Bastion get it for 3 kills sitting in turret mode behind an orisa shield then you know something is wrong.

Lets be honest it soesnr mean much anyway but is pretty annoying

Things like getting kills on the point and the amount of fire generated plays a huge part as well.

1 had a quadruple kill as Soldier (and even got the achievement for it), but the POTG was of me killing a Widowmaker and a ulting Pharah while being in point.

But still, heroes like Genji, Dva and Junkrat tends to get it more often.

I does not mean much for DPS players because they get it here and there for doing DPS stuff. But it does for tanks and supports because they only receive it for doing DPS stuff and killing people.

POTG’s are rather random. DPS or not, I don’t get them that much. I lost count of how many times I’d get a 3x headshot with Widowmaker, and it’d be replaced by a Zenyatta tapping a guy with an orb for an assist kill… wow.

Honestly, I see it randomized for all classes. Supports seem to get POTG less, because it appears to be based around kills. Tanks on the other hand, receive a POTG as often as a DPS does from my experience.

Those are my favorite, I have a torb POTG where I just left spawn and started dancing.

I heard you want to help your team? Too bad, no POTG for you!


Because it’s called “Play of the Game”. So it highlights the Play of the Game. DPS tend to be the biggest playmakers, hence why the trophy goes to them more often than not.

If a tank or support makes the biggest play in a specific match, the potg will typically go to them. The game is just designed in a way that that won’t happen very often.

As someone who been here since season 1 I can say that’s a load of bull. Mercy did get many POTG spotlights during the mass Rez saga. It was one of the 5 most common POTG because getting even a duo Rez was enough for her to get it which was kind of a ripoff but I digress.
Mercy now needs to Rez then kill stuff to even have a chance for POTG. God forbid someone plays a Junkrat.

~Truely Yours xoxo,
A Defender, And Backbone Of The Team.
Tank Mains Unite! :shield:

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Tank or support get play of the game, if no DPS managed to do multikill.

Had play of the game as Mercy, which involved…resurrecting one player and blocking capture.

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The game doesn’t really knows if you have actually saved someone with your shield or just yourself. Maybe there is a way to be programmed but will be much more complex than just detecting damage and kills in a short time.

For something that no one really watches, it brings the question if it is really worth it wasting resources for improving on it.

It’s stupidly hard to get Ana potg, but there’s no reason to twist the truth either.

I’ve seen 5 or 6 ana potgs since release, and have gotten one myself in competitive.

Slept a genji who just pulled blade which dropped him into nepal sanctums pit, then solo’d the lucio who my team couldn’t seem to hit.

Sleep dart on fire bonus + ult cancel on fire bonus + environmental kill on fire bonus + solo kill bonus got me that potg, yet Im sure if someone did absolutely anything else in that game I would not have gotten it.
like pharah barrage with 2 kills or 2 environmentals would probably do to beat me there for potg.


I can name several thing which are important about POTGs:

  1. Directing the new players to try Supports and Tanks
  2. Attracting players through youtube and twitch by showing them that Overwatch is not about being good DPS
  3. Show for certain DPS players that tanks and supports are doing the work
  4. Show that game really flavors the tank and support plays
  5. The DPS POTGs are so often that it really devalued now more tank and support POTGs will make DPS POTGs more appreciated too

Chicken & egg…

If you didn’t foresee the millionth genji blade potg you’d probably stick around.


I agree with you. It just doesn’t seems like a priority right now.

I have some Tank POTGs and if I may… i’ll admit that they can be pretty lame and/or random…


+1 Every role should have a shot at PotG, since every role matters.

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Silent Hill 2 was the best.

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