POTG Confusing?

So I know many have talked about POTG being broken or having a weird algorithm…but I was just wondering in this situation what it could be.

So I played a Comp match as Sym. The enemy could not even push the payload. I got a quad kill using a mix of turrets and my gun for each kill. Then after the enemies respawned, I got a triple kill.

However, POTG went to Moira who got a double kill, then two kills after that did not count towards a triple or quad kill.

Any specific reason this could be? Or is it just broken af?

At least I got the Huge Success achievement for teleporting 20 allies in a single game. Which is a 2.49% unlocked by gamers. And I got Undying for a 20 kill streak without dying…

Huge success is the easiest achievement in the game. It’s just that nobody cares enough to play Symmetra.

POTG game works on who got the most “on fire” points in the least amount of times. What is the most difficult to figure out is how much each ability gives “on fire” points.

It’s been broken since beta and should’ve been removed.

POTG is not only a useless feature, but also just further encourages people to leave and rejoin queue in quick play because of how many screens you have to sit through that nobody really cares about.

I think it goes by actual damage done more often. Or something, I dunno.

The only nice thing about the feature is it gives people time between matches. Between the 30 seconds to door entry, the 50 seconds of character select, the 20 seconds of cards, and the 20 seconds for potg is enough time to generally get food, bathroom, or drink.

Still means you get nice gamescore on Xbox. :slight_smile: Even if it is the easiest to get. And I didn’t have to get a friend or ask teammates. But every other match I have played today…an ally has only used it once total. I guess that one match I had teammates who loved teleporting.

POTG never worked. It usually gives it to some DPS who happened to press Q at the right moment. Only POTG that is actually a bit tied to skill is Widowmaker. The rest are mostly extremely boring ultimate usage.

It’s not on priority to change either. Probably because it doesn’t exist in that form in E-Sports or the pros haven’t said anything negative about it.

I love getting POTG as Junkrat and just holding ult through the whole thing :sunglasses: