Post your face while reading the forums today


:joy::joy:because the community always overreact



Me officially getting the duck of the Tank category.


Im crying on the inside.

Mostly because of the armor nerf.


Wait, what did I miss, can you link me Crusader brother?


Its not pretty, I can say that right now


Oh ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuddge…


:thinking: 20 charac


Yeah suddenly :roll_eyes: starts to make a lot of sense now doesn’t it?




Forums spammed with Soldier confirmed gay and D.Va gets another nerf…


Here you go.


It sure is… I don’t even know if I want to play on my main tank account now. I may just play my alt for awhile to feel it all out.


Hey at least it means good things for Hog. Then again, that Reaper buff could spell trouble for him.

Overall, the patch notes kinda made me do this:

Followed by the heavy eye roll


Let’s see earlier today it was :roll_eyes: because of the Soldier thing because it really isn’t a huge deal, but people are overreacting.

Then it turned into :angry: when I saw the new PTR changes.


For soldier:

For the PTR patch: I am not surprised at all at how terrible it is. Reaper’s main issue (shadow step) hasn’t been addressed, DVA gets the nerf sledgehammer to defense matrix again, Brigitte gets another unnecessary nerf (since when did Rally last 30 seconds, let alone more than that?), and the armor nerf hurts Rein, Winston, DVA, and, most of all, Orisa, and Bastion (the latter innocent in all of this) heavily. I hope they at least consider undoing the ironclad nerf for Bastion.


MFW: I woke up

MFW: I saw something about ‘Gay Soldier’

MFW: I was searching for the comic

MFW: I was reading the comic

MFW: I came to the page with the relationship statuses

MFW: I realized Soldier was (still) in love with Vincent, not Gabe

MFW: They confirmed Reaper has a family

MFW: I knew R76 was over

MFW: Now.


edit this with a better link

Reaper mains right now


Seeing reaper get more life steal.