Post REASONABLE buff/nerfs for heroes and why

Create a list of buffs/nerfs that change heroes for the sake of perfect balance. Explain why you believe that something like that is necessary (or don’t, you do you). Don’t post something that would make something incredibly broken (ex. Torb now had 999 damage and 10k health). I want to see what the community can come up with for changes and, who knows, maybe a developer may get an idea from your posts (critically unlikely but hey, it’s worth a shot).


Pharah: Concussion blast self knockback Increased by 10%.

Reasoning: Ever since the air strafing movement update her Concussion blast has had a smaller effect on herself. She use to push herself quite far but now it is much shorter. To the point that you might as well not use it for mobility.

Rein passive: Sheild can now block melee related attacks such as sheild bash, rocket punch, dragon blade, etc.


I would argue that one is borderline OP.

Edit: Instead allow him to press E to sacrifice 200hp on his shield to block said types of attacks for 3 seconds.

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I’ll get back to you in about an hour once I’ve finished typing it all up

I got a long list for Reaper that I’ll repost if this gains traction. Feel free to take your time.

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maybe it could be like genji’s deflect but for CC and melee specificly.

if he times it right he can bash his shield and reflect damage pushing them back

this would make it much different from fortify

I think it technically is different from fortify as it would only be effective from the front. He could still be hit by melee’s from the sides and back. He is also sacrificing 200hp in shields to protect from it.

I could see with a reduction to 2 seconds but other then that. I see no reason to reduce it to a single action.

or maybe he needs a knockback plain and simple

rein is very defensless when he needs to walkback from an enemy with his shield
they can just run up to him and finish him off.

maybe he could do an almost instant 360 hammerturn around his axis,to push back people that are too close


Doomfist Meteor Strike increased to 6m radius, 400hp damage at centre (from 5m, 300hp) Decaying shields increased to 35hp per person hit, 200hp max (from 30hp, 150hp max)

Doomfist is almost there in terms of viability. These suggested changes are meant to increase his survivability a little, as well as improving slightly the weakest ultimate in the game

McCree Damage falloff is changed to 70-40hp (from 70-21hp) Combat roll gains an extra charge, 6 seconds per charge

Whilst a midrange hitscan, McCree currently cannot effectively counter the likes of Pharah and Moira, as his damage falloff is a bit too severe currently. Additionally, his only movement/self-sustain ability (something all bar Orisa have) only travels 6m and has an 8 second cooldown. By adding an extra charge and taking 2 seconds off the cooldown, he now has much needed mobility, and can use said mobility in multiple different situations, instead of just using it as a reload button.

Reaper Damage per pellet increased to 15-5 (from 7-2) Number of pellets per shot reduced to 10 (from 20)

(Not covered but needs doing - Shadow Step rework)

This small change is to make Reaper stronger against armor, something essential in this current meta. The total potential damage against enemies without armor only increases by 10hp (150 damage, up from 140), but by making each individual pellet do more than 10hp damage, and thus qualifying for the -5hp rule, the damage done against armored enemies increases from 70hp to 100hp. Reaper is now able to tank bust as much as he would like without fear.

Sombra oh boi here we go Hack is slowed to 0.75 seconds cast time (from 0.65s) 0.1 second LoS check is reinstated to hack 15hp damage threshold is added to hack Penalty cooldown for damage interrupted hack is increased to 4 seconds (from 2) Hack no longer turns off Lucio's aura, though wallride is still stopped Healthpack ult charge is reinstated at a rate of 1 point of charge per 2hp healed Hacked enemies have a candy purple sugar skull above their heads for the duration of the hack Thermoptic Camo is moved onto a resource meter. 4 seconds for full duration, 1 second cooldown if used but not fully drained, 6 second cooldown if fully drained, drains at double speed if damaged during use, with a small flicker for a couple of frames. EMP now costs 1600 charge (up from 1250)

Hack is a very unreliable ability currently. The proposed changes to hack slow it down a little in return for the reliability to no longer be an issue, and remove an interaction that is considered by most to be unfair. Ult charge from healing is reinstated, but the reduced charge earned, coupled with the ult charge required increase, means that using a megapack now only results in just under 8% charge gained. A welcome gain, but not enough to bring back the EMP-bot style of play. Moving Camo onto a resource bar is intended to streamline the use of invisibility, and provide Sombra with a new sense of freedom of movement, something she currently does not have as a result of just having the standard 5.5m/s movement speed


Torbjorn Critbox size is greatly reduced Reload time is reduced to 1.5 seconds (from 2s) Armor scrap is now also earned whenever Torb gets a kill (15 scrap each). Scrap recovered from fallen bodies is reduced to 5 scrap each (from 15) Unlimited ammo during Molten Core

It is common knowledge that Torb’s critbox is obscenely large, and of course I’ve addressed that. However, unlike many Torb suggestions, I have not gone full sail with the rest of the changes. I firmly believe that his gun is strong and underrated, so all I’ve done is optimised his kit, and largely removed the hide and seek part of armor scrap collection, meaning he doesn’t have to go into dangerous areas needlessly.


D.Va Defense Matrix resource is increased to 3 seconds (from 2s) Defense Matrix and Micro Missiles are now mutually exclusive, if one is attempted to be used whilst the other is in use, MM will take precedent as the uncancelable ability Self-Destruct ult charge is increased to 1500 (from 1375)

These changes return D.Va to a tankier setup, without removing any of her potential DPS. What they do however do, is force the D.Va player to choose between the 2 on the fly. Furthermore, by removing a common way to take down his turret (D.Va DM’ing it whilst using her MM), this is an indirect buff to Torb. Her ult comes up slightly less often as well, since that had been a common complaint about her


Ana (note: these changes are in addition to those already on the PTR) Biotic Nade can now be "cooked". The range of the AoE is halved as a result, but Ana can now use it without fear of Defense Matrix or Deflect.

New Passive: Ledge Climb. Acts similarly to the Shimada Wall Climb, but only usable when a single jump can bring Ana to a height where she can grasp onto a ledge to pull herself up. For example, it can be used on all the outer buildings on Route 66 B, but not on the building in the middle from the ground to the top.

Earlier this week when asked about Ana, Geoff Goodman noted that keeping weaknesses as part of a hero’s kit is important, but that if their weaknesses are overbearing they will buff them a bit. These changes take that statement into account, and only give a minor buff to both Ana’s self sustain and mobility. Now her sole self-sustain cannot be eaten if used cautiously by Ana, and whilst she would have some mobility with these changes, it is only vertical mobility, and limited by height. I shall quote his full comment below so that you can read it, and in the faint hope that he reads this thread

Brigitte (Note: these changes are in addition to those currently on the PTR) Shield health reduced to 400hp (from 600) Bonus Armor from Repair Pack lasts 4 seconds (down from 5s) Shield Bash v Charge = double stun draw Shield Bash v Rocket Punch = double stun draw

Brigitte is very overbearing currently. Instead of handing her a big nerf on 1 ability though, I propose minor nerfs on multiple abilities. The reduction in shield health makes the PTR Shield Bash 1 second cooldown increase fine instead of increasing it to 8 or 9 seconds. Shaving 1 second off the duration of the extra armor means it is up a maximum of 66% of the time instead of over 80%, and by creating a rule that all movement stun v movement stun abilities result in a double stun draw, you indirectly buff Reinhardt.

Moira Ult charge gained from healing is reduced to 80% current amount Ult charge gained from damage is reduced to 75% current amount

Whilst the ult charge required for Coalescence is very high, she still charges it very quickly, and its only limitations are that it’s interruptible like Sound Barrier, and that like Transcendence it can’t stop mass burst damage. By slightly reducing the ult charge gained from healing/damage, the issues of it coming up too quickly are removed.

I’m not going to tackle the issue of Mercy, because I don’t want your thread to end up in the megabin.

https:/ /

That’s what I think about Hanzo

Make junkrat lock on and Brigitte infinite range

Pasting my suggestions from my other thread.

  • The Reaping (Passive)
    • Soul Globes return for 25hp (not replacing current Vampiric passive)
  • Hellfire Shotguns
    • Spread Angle Reduced by 15% (20.1 → 17.085; 17.09)
    • Pellet count reduced from 20 to 10
    • Pellet damage increased from 7 to 14
    • Magazine Size increased from 8 to 10
    • Reload time increased by 0.5 seconds (1.5 → 2)
  • Shadow Step
    • Casting time reduced by 1 second (2.5 → 1.5)
    • Cooldown increased by 4 seconds (10 → 14)
    • Teleport visual for enemy is only visible if within 10m range
    • Temporary invincibility for 1 second (starts 0.25 seconds into the animation)
    • Animation changed:
      • Reaper fades into the ground, similar to his highlight intro, making it harder for enemies to hit him coming out of it.
  • Death Blossom
    • Damage increased from 510 to 600 [Over 3 seconds, mind you]
    • Area of Effect increased by 2 meters (8 → 10)
    • The closer to the edge you are, the less damage you take (from 200dps to 120dps)
    • Movement speed increased by 1.5 (3 → 4.5) [base walking speed for most characters is 5.5m/s]
    • Charge required increased to 2050 (was 1812.5)
    • Add visual for Reaper during Death Blossom, so he can see where his ultimate’s boundary is. [Similar to Lucio and Brigitte’s auras]
    • No longer automatically reloads Reaper’s shotguns. [Useless feature anyway since you’re hardly able to survive to the end of it anyhow]

Why all this? Because Reaper’s a meme.

Remove the movement speed penalty on Reinhardt when he puts up his shield. Allows him to shield his teammates more efficiently, lets him close the gap quicker, gives him at least a small amount of counterplay to Brigitte, accentuates the only real thing he has over Orisa (a mobile shield) and let’s him disengage better/makes it harder for enemies to just walk through his shield to kill him.

It’s simple, it could potentially help him a lot, doesn’t really hurt any of the other characters/the meta.

EDIT: Some other buffs that I think could be reasonable without Brigitte propping him up:

-Change 100 of his health to armour
-Give him a damn quick melee.
-Make charge cancellable (with a small drift at the end)



-Don’t get rid of projectiles if the hero dies while they are in the air.
-More map balance to allow for more diverse comps

Sombra: Half the time it takes to stealth and destealth. Increase base speed to that of other flankers. Fix translocator issues.
Reaper: Decrease cast time on his teleport
Doomfist: I think he’s close to good, but I also think he’d benefit from a sort of counter/block skill on his R. So maybe that.
Bastion: Heal while transforming. I also liked that inverted bloom idea I saw a few days ago.
Mei: Decrease time it takes to throw out her ult.
Hanzo: Kind of early to tell, but if he isn’t okay then maybe decrease storm arrow amount from 6 to 5.
Junkrat: I just wish his required ult charge would be increased by 10. You can even bring the tire back up to 13 speed for all I care.
Torbjorn: Give him a new ability to allow him to pick who his turret should focus, would work similarly to Zen’s discord orb. Also maybe allow him to give his turret armour packs?

Tanks I think the damage nerf on her booster should be reverted, or at least increased from what it is now. It was a weird thing to tinker with.
Reinhardt: 50% CC resistance passive.
Zarya: I think she is pretty well off but maybe her bubble charge could be increased to 50 from 40.

Ana: I think the upcoming changes are pretty good, but it still irks me that a) she is a sniper who can’t get to sniper spots, and b) she has to waste her most valuable ability (grenade) on herself everytime she takes chip damage. Not to mention the long cooldown. Maybe decrease sleep dart cooldown by 1 or 2 seconds?
Mercy: At least let her instant rez in Valk.
Brigitte: I think upcoming changes are good.
Symmetra: Have to wait until after her rework to comment.

I would propose a revert of Soldier’s damage nerf, back to 20 damage a shot, and either reduce max weapon spread, or increase the amount of initially accurate shots from 4 to 5 for slightly improved burst.
Hanzo most likely needs a lower active ult charge rate for Storm Arrows (or in general), as his ult charges too quickly in my opinion.
Tracer needs a revert to the pulse bomb nerf, back to 400 damage. It is a difficult ult to land and even the best players miss about half of them. Tracer/Zarya combo potential would also be restored, as would the counter against pirate ships with excessive shields, as Bastion would die much easier.
Reinhardt, reduced wind-up (not cool down) time on Charge, reduced knockback scalar. I believe an immunity to stun is not needed.
D.Va - Defense Matrix to 3 seconds, Micro Missiles should be cancellable.
Junkrat- Swift Strike does not get caught in a trap unless Genji is meant to land at the point the trap is at.
Ana- 1.5x headshot damage (not heal) multiplier added, projectile speed of primary fire and sleep dart increased.
Brigitte: Shield bash has a knockback effect and Whip Shot has a stun effect, hitbox of Whip Shot increased. Effectively keeps the Tracer one-shot the same damage-wise, lowers skill floor and perhaps raises skill ceiling of the hero (stuns from longer ranges allowing for coordinating other abilities like Halt or Chain Hook), Inspire healing rate increased, radius slightly reduced, Repair Pack now gives a maximum of 50 overhead armor.

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