Possible Genji Rework Idea

So, you disregarded the entire point of the thread, and missed the rework entirely. This new ability is only a nerf to NANOBLADE. Dragonblade would be getting buffed, so long as you always used it with the clone, and made sure not to waste your cooldowns, as, with the clone using Dragonblade at the same time as the original Genji using Dragonblade, he would be doing 150 damage per swing, rather than 120. However, having said that, perhaps the blade should do 90 dmg per swing, as 150 damage per swing plus 50 and 25 dmg (from the combined Genji and clone swift strikes) might still be too powerful.

Welcome to the forums… I’m sorry to say, this is a common response.


So you deny buffing dva would help queue times?

This forum is kinda spammy. So many people advocating for “buff Dva” without attempting to explain why she’s a “bad pick” or even attempting to articulate what to change or buff.

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I deny that wasting my time with random users who don’t care to even read posts they’re talking in, wouldn’t waste my time.


oh my god . ignored. check his history, he says nothing but buff d.va.


So any of you guys wanna comment on the new ability?

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I have personally put a lot and I mean a lot of time into thinking about cloning abilities… and sadly I have to say, it would probably be a coding mess… especially with ideas such as “How is the clone controlled? Is it controlled? Is it AI?”

And so on and so forth.

So I can’t say I’m personally enthusiastic about the proposal, but I do see the effort you put into it.

I say keep up the good work.

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What ability would it replace?

To be honest, I got the idea from a workshop gamemode, where you chose one hero, but had a clone of the hero that stood a meter from you, and mimicked your exact movements, and it work extremely well and wasn’t buggy at all. I can’t remember for the life of me what it was called, but if blizzard just looked at that gamemode they’d have the foundation already for this buff. Just change the total health of the clone and the damage it can do, and boom. If the workshop can do it, I’m sure blizzard can do it as well.

Not to say you aren’t right, because… you are in theory, but that is a LOT of faith to put into blizzard. We’ve been fighting for changes to Bastion for a few years now, and they wont even respond… the last couple of changes that were made, negatively effected the hero as a whole and the feedback fell on deaf ears.

What I meant was, it can’t be that hard, in terms of coding, because it already exists in multiple forms in the game itself.

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Yes, and I get that part… but actually thinking that Bliz could do anything with that, is… well, not very well informed.

Blizzard struggle to even push out normal updates without ruining the entire game at once.

I understand the lack of faith in blizzard after what happened with GOATS and Brig, but it’s clear that they are listening (to an extent) based in the amount of people who feel that Moira and Brig are problematic.

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored]

Twenty thousand times posts were made here, and twenty thousand times did we push this topic to the top of the front page… this was the second attempt at making them hear.

Does it have to replace an ability? Doomfist and Echo both have 3 string cool downs, so I’m not sure why Genji has to be any different, considering, again, he fills the same role that they do.

People complain that Genji has 6 passives or something so I don’t think there’s any way you can add anything to him. Then people will complain that they can’t figure out which Genji is real and cry about it meanwhile tracer oneclips their entire team.

And if you didn’t notice, they put multiple buffs to bastion on the experimental card before this last one, all of which went through. They ARE listening, it’s just bastion is a hard hero to buff. If too much enables him, he isn’t fun for anyone to play as or into. Personally I think he need a major rework, but even then, I don’t know what I would change.

Oh? Can you show me where those are? Because the changes they made were detrimental. Yes they had a few QoL changes thrown in that felt… random… and fixed nothing, but otherwise there were no real fixes.

I would be fine with the clone Genji having a very clear indication that it was, in fact, clone. Maybe have it appear “smokey” or “shadowy,” if that would appease people. But, again, it has 100 hp and would disappear in a small puff of smoke after it or Genji dies, or after the 5 seconds if being active.