Possible change to D'va matrix?


I think Defense Matrix right now is in a good state. The problem was giving her micro missiles, allowing her to easily confirm kills on targets running away and drastically reducing her TTK.

IMO, you need to choose between having good pursuit abilities, or the best defensive maneuver in the game. Having both makes Dva too strong.


Insane damage? You do realize She has a lower damage then zarya and roadhog.

Rein and zarya both beat her in winrate and pickrate on the ladder where we all play. Where is your nerf outcry for these two?

Obviously less damage blocked then both of the shield tanks. 6000 isn’t even a lot. That’s 3 rein shields of 6 orisas roughly.

Nothing about her warrants a nerf. It’s time for you to move on and end the witch hunt.


Dva is only strong with good healers. If the healing is bad she can’t really do much. If you are getting owned by dva it’s your own fault really, she punishes out of position squishes, but it’s not like she can go 1 v6 and hard carry games. People who complain about dva are dps who resent being punished for their terrible positioning or people who ult in front of her without waiting for Dm to be on cool down then cry when it gets eaten.


So … making her utterly useless as a tank in any form then? She melts like butter in her mech,


Nah she fine as she is.
It’d be a bit too much like her old DM I’d think.


really not intending to start a witchhunt, was just checking out reddit threads on d’va and had a random idea so i decided to put it out to see what people think of it


Without micro missiles she will DM for 2 seconds then has to wait 8 seconds for it to recharge. What should she do for those 8 seconds, shoot pellets at enemies?


Alright so lets devs remove the micro-missile. Now d va only has mobility and dm. Their would be no reason to pick d va. When Zarya exist right now d va and zarya are best off tanks. You would have to increase dm duration or make her even more mobile.


6,388 to be precise. But Zarya blocks more at 6,556. In fact, the only tanks that block less damage are Roadhog and Hammond because they don’t block damage at all. Just saying, for “infinite” damage blocking she actually blocks the least damage of any tank that blocks damage.


It’ll be like this. Nerf D.Va. Then Nerf Rein and Zarya. Oh no, D.Va is popular again because we nerfed Zarya. Nerf D.Va again. Wait… how did Zarya get back on top? (There’s only 2 of them because Hog isn’t good. Nerf one and the other gets stronger.)

Hog will get nerfed out of spite because he can one-shot despite never being meta. Then Orisa will be nerfed because she is too good at turtling and it’s “unfun”. I mean if you nerf Rein and D.Va then Winston won’t be good and she’ll be the only main tank option so she’ll need to get nerfed as well of course.

Yes, we are seeing an anti-tank movement crop up. You are 100% correct.


Yes, micro missles was the trade off for decreasing the DM duration in the first place. The devs know they can’t have a 2 second DM with her current damage. If she lost micro missles it would be increased to at least 2. And if DM gets a nerf then her damage or durability would probably need a buff.

She can’t take a straight nerf. For pros maybe, but not on the ladder.


If each of 3 parts were 2 seconds and there was no delay between them then ok. :3
But honestly, there were too many DVa reworks.


overbuff tells me she has a higher damage than both roadhog and zarya but i am sure you are a better source than overbuff


Look at diamond, masters and GM. There you will see


and how many players are gm? balancing should be for everyone not for gm but speaking of gm roadhog has about 400 average extra damage than d.va a match which is not much considering he has no utility or mobility that d,va has, however i get your point with zarya her damage in gm is far higher than i expected

btw i seen you around the forums and had no issues with you there is no reason to be rude to me because i think d.va can do too much, i am not even starting a witchhunt yes i believe she can do far too much but i never created a topic asking for a d.va nerf


If you include lower ranks it’s higher, but once you get above plat, she does less damage.


i actually find that interesting i guess higher ranked d.va’s focus more on protection


I’m not sure why the change in Hog, but I think it’s more that higher ranked Zarya’s are better at maintaining a high charge. They have better bubble timings.


Hey you know what?

We separate Reinhardts shild in 3 parts. Everytime he block more than 200 damage it gets on a 10 sec cooldown.

Hopefully you see how dumb you sound there


This sounds like a budget way to put DM back on cooldown.