Positivity post in these negative times <3

What are y’all excited for in OW2? Any predictions?

It can be anything maps heroes skins new events maybe you’re hoping for something in the story or maybe an expansion

You’re obviously here because you care about this game in one way or another so let’s for just a couple seconds take some time and really talk about it :slightly_smiling_face:

(Note:OW2 is a free update to the current client you play on and will have an optional paid story and PVE section the devs have stated that all events heroes and maps modes etc will be completely free)

And at launch they’ll be multiple new heroes and maps to really spice things up

For anyone who might not know of course :slight_smile:

I love you all and if anyone from the blizzard team is reading I hope y’all are staying safe keep up the amazing work!!


I am excited for the Pve stuff, and also the story that comes with it

Also junkrat’s updated look

Also also we need more positive posts like this


I appreciate your attempt to spread positivity among the forums, we can never have enough people like you!

After playing through the Archives missions when they were around, it has left me craving more Overwatch PvE content, and more lore. I absolutely cannot wait for OW2!!!

59 shots, 1 kill


Of course!!! I try my hardest to keep the communities spirits up i always have for the past 4-5 years

It’s really important especially in these times (with the virus and just everyone being so negative for no reason)

I’m excited for PVE too!! I can’t wait to get my hands on it and further more I’m excited to see what expansions we will get afterwards :slight_smile:


I’m really excited to see everyone’s updated looks, there are so many possibilities for their designs and I can’t wait to see where they go with them. I also can’t wait for new heroes, I’m looking forward to trying Mauga. Most of all, I’m excited for the story missions, lore is the reason I got into Overwatch, so I’m glad we’ll be getting a l o t of it. Hopefully we get to see a bit of eveyone in an ingame cinematic!

What are you looking forward to? :0

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That’s great!! I am too!! The new looks we’ve gotten so far look so freaking sick!! And the story is gonna be awesome I’m hoping for expansions on it too which Jeff confirmed would be a thing

Oh me personally?! Why thank you for asking I’m really excited for literally EVERYTHING you’re talking to an OW ENTHUSIAST of 4-5 years

I’m excited for story cinematics new looks new updated events (Jeff talked last year at blizzcon about the creator of the Halloween event really had some new ideas for it but couldn’t do to focus on ow2 so maybe once it’s out they can focus on that!!) PVE content in General

Oh oh and the new engine!!

I’m soooo happy OW2 is a huge free content update and I’m happy to pay for the story after years of blizzard giving us awesome free content

I’m excited for any characters I play and love all 32 in game​:joy::sob:

I’m excited to see where in the world the next maps will be set and what heroes might come from them

OH annnnnnddd there’s one thing I MIGHTTT be just a bit more excited for…and if my new blizzard name would show…you’d know

D.MON BABY!!:skull:

I love her I have loved her since 2018 when D.va’s cinematic came out and I would literally become a full time tank main if she was a character

I changed all my social medias too Simp4Dmon because I love her that much😂

(Not to mention the fact I’ve been commissioning art of her because shes criminally underrated)

Ok ok I’ll stop now

I’m hoping she’ll be in with the group of new heroes for OW2 but if not then I’m certain she’d make an amazing addition down the line

I’m excited to see what personalities these characters bring to the game and (since im an aspect voice actor) I wanna know who they’ll be voiced by im always excited to add new people to the family of OW voice actors they are all so sweet

I love this game so freaking much I have since 2016 it’s been a huge part of my life ever since I am always happy to talk with cool people such as yourself about it and support it in anyway I can❤️

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New heroes, new skins, new modes, new stories, new, new, new!!!

My body is ready.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself! Hearing everything you’re excited about is getting me even more excited haha! I actually didn’t know there were ideas for new events, or about the additional story expansions, so now I’m really looking forward to those!! Also the new engine and updated looks are so good, the visuals are going to be even more stunning than they are now!

I love how much potential the Overwatch universe has, and getting to see where the maps are set, where the new heroes are from and who they are, and all the upcoming story content is going to be amazing. The characters really make the game for me, so it’ll be great to see them all in action!

Also yes, the voice actors bring so much life into the game, I could listen to voiceline/interactions for hours (one of the reasons why Sigma’s my favorite character is because Boris does such a good job voicing him)!! They’re all so talented and kind, and don’t get me started on how much Carolina and Anjali have done for the community!

Also I love the Simp4Dmon username haha! I’ll admit I don’t know much about her other than she’s protective of the meka squad, but I’ve seen some cute fanart and I really hope to see her in future content! I would be so hyped to play her if she ends up being a playable character

It’s really nice to see your positivity about Overwatch in these times, and I’m glad to chat with you about it too! Overwatch has given me and many others a lot of happiness, and I can’t wait to see what the future will bring. As someone who’s into art and coding, it’s a huge inspiration for me and something I’d be proud to work on!

Can’t wait for what’s ahead, also good luck on your voice acting career!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I obviously want to play the PvE-Content but i am also hyped for the new Heroes. I really hope that Mauga, Junkerqueen and maybe a Poison-gas based Hero (like Caustic from Apex Legends) come into the game.

There are also Skins i want to see (Especially Flying Dutchman-Sigma and Deep Sea Roadhog).A whole bunch of new emotes, highlight-intros, sprays etc.

I dont know which maps should be added since we already have so many and we know about some new maps like the swedish one but i think a new zealand map would be nice.

Balance changes are always welcome.

I hope we get to see some more of those Hero-redesigns like we did with Reinhardt,Tracer,Winston etc. soon

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My finnal decision is i should uninstal or not
And some story to watch on yt.

And the separated skin collection for OW2 only. Dont forget that, many do care about this stuff.

No sir it’s the same client OW2 is a free 2.0 update its actually on an information post that I can link you on here :slight_smile:

Also please try and be positive? Every other post here is negative for 1 second could we just talk about our love for the game?

This means that it is an update to the current client you use to open the game not a completely separate game :slight_smile:

Yes, but like i said, reskins for OW2 are content only for OW2 owners. Even if you have same client.

Yup and they are just cosmetics, an only the new looks will be exclusive as for event skins and everything they’ll be free as always I have no problem with after 4-5 years of free in game content to pay blizzard for a story and some dope cosmetics!! :slight_smile:

It’s like the origins skins just like them actually I’ll be it with more but that’s cool more bang for our buck!! :slight_smile:

Prediction: Junkrat is going to grow facial hair and lose another arm!

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Welp, then you bombarded me with ton of defence about stuff i was not talking about or care, because everyone one know its gona be same client like reforged is (but maybe better quality than that remake)
Game is just turn itself around for me long time ago and stop being fun, and this is the last update i gona wait for it to change.

And it’s all free except story but heck I’m more than happy to pay for that

It’s a MASSIVE 2.0 update to give us a bunch of stuff that we have wanted for a long time and I believe will really shake the game up :slight_smile:

I know right?! Blizzard are the best in the business when it comes to story telling and design and just everything the amount of quality that goes into all this is INSANE

As an aspiring voice actor he truly inspires me nobody could do sigma better he constantly sounds like he’s breaking like he actually believe he an hear the music “c-can you hear that music?” Or “WHAT IS THAT MELODY” but he has his serious moments too and I absolutely adore it he’s such a gentle kind man being exploited by talon and it’s just mwah blizzard fantastic character as always

I love them both they are so sweet and they love their roles they really care about us and this game and that makes me beyond Happy I really hope to meet them one day they seem like so much fun

Thank you thank you I love her she’s my favorite character there’s not alot on her lore wise right now but that’s all the more reason I want her I’m actually commissioning a bunch of art of her because she deserves it and I was Na show blizzard we still care about this character i would LOVE to know who they pick to voice her in game I’m a simp what can I say :heart_eyes:

Thank you thank you I really try to be an active positive member of this community (I run an Instagram dedicated to posting positive memes and news and stuff about ow) and I’m gonna try and start being more active on these forums(if you see me around feel free to say hi my friend) I have loved this game since launch and it’s brought me so much happiness and joy and caused me to meet lifelong friends

Thank you so much!!! That makes me so happy!! And good luck with your coding/art career my friend!!

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Excited for:

  • New Heroes (D.mon, Mauga mainly); heroes were always my main interest, especially those two.

  • Big reworks to the core of the game; so needed to the game, fortunately is already confirmed.

Not that excited for:

  • PvE (as a mmo player, overwatch talent system looks basic, the same with the items, hope it was just 10% of the final pve system)

Not excited for:

  • Having to pay again for a dlc (pls don’t be a dlc game)

I’m excited for the new designs and for the amount of story we’re getting!!! I’ve been asking for more lore for years and now we’re getting it :blush:

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Its a free 2.0 update the story and PvE are the only thing you can pay for and it’s optional

The devs have alot of time to expand on what we saw at blizzcon 2019 they might not release the game till 2021/2022 so there’s plenty of time to expand

Personally I like the new feature where if you are downed you limp so your team can more easily revive you borderlands style and all the new enemy types including bosses

Yup I love D.MON so freaking much (obviously xD)

Mauga seems really cool im always down for new tanks

He needs to have a “YOU’RE WELCOME” or at least a “what can I say except…”

And a better addition would be for his dance just to be motto mottos strut :skull:

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