[POLL] What's the best map in the game?


Kings Row and Horizon Lunar Colony. I’ll always stay to play just one more game if I see either of those maps coming up.


I really like Hollywood during Halloween. That theme is a lot of fun


I freaking love Halloween Hollywood! Honestly I could gush for days about the Halloween event, it’s my absolute favorite. I wish they’d overhaul more maps each year!

On a side note, the number of people that voted for Busan has me stoked to try it out!


In my opinion the best maps are: :blush:

  • Hollywood
  • Kings Row
  • Junkertown
  • Volskaya Industries
  • Temple of Anubis


These are all very valid maps. Also, I adore your username.

(David Adams) #25

Horizon Lunar Colony (lol) ? Hmmm.


i’d love to see a map in paris.


Oh hey there! :blush: :snowflake:


Hey, in every game, you got that map that is made fun of, Kanal in Siege, Array in CoD…i think its array…




Are you okay?


Let’s not get crazy now :wink:

Personally I love Rialto… which isn’t on your list! ;(


Who’d vote for Rialto without being drunk? :smiley:


I mean, Italians do drink a lot of wine… Not… saying I know that from experience or anything


me :frowning:


I mean, I really like the banana and potato farm part.


I want to mention that I was enjoying the previous version of Horizon. I like the new version too, maybe even more, mainly because in some areas there is a form of cover where on the previous version they were not.

For example the left-upper side of the point B (as seen from a defensive position).



No Blizzneyland?


It’s one of my favorites lol

Also make the maps with night day and sunsets already made be part of the rotation! I love the rain on eichenwald


May Jeff have mercy on your soul.