POLL - Should Blizzard reveal how hidden MMR is calculated?

Is there any reason why you need to see that? They said its not just simple number. Its more complex, you would not be able to interpret it anyway. It would be useless for you.

And it would not make better player from you too.


Does confidence in rank even matter in a system based on wins?
Even if the match maker doesn’t really think a player should be SR _______ the player can and will reach any given goal by just winning games. It’s why boosting and throwing works to hit a goal SR in either direction.

group wise the match maker only sees the allowable range and doesn’t really care if you win in a group or win solo. The player STILL has to win those games.

The ranks have a very clear hierarchy to them and nobody accidentally ends up a 1000 SR out of their player skill set in either direction. Now it’s not perfect, but with in a system based off either 500SR or 1000SR range for a group a few hundred SR one way or another for a player isn’t seen as a big deal.

The problem comes with the player base looking at SR on a point by point level. It’s just not set up for that level of precision. It’s why at the highest SR ranges where every 100SR might as well be 500+ in skill jump vs low SR the system runs into a ton of problems.

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They won’t reveal their method, because it would show that they rig the matches by handicapping. It’s NOT random, that’s for sure. But to show that they literally punish the winning players by sticking the worst teammates they can find on your team would be quite a blow to the game.

Since the matchmaker takes it into account it might influence the outcome, point is, we don’t know.

And its an issue when a single player above everybody else can impact the outcome of a game more than anybody else on the match.
In that case the person would climb out of that elo yet with groups you allow him to play in those matches as well as carry other players into SR regions they shouldn be in thus messing up further matches in the future.

I’d accept this once we studied all possibilities and got showcased the possible tradeoffs.

Yes, when you are “competing” and being graded typically you are given the information regarding how the grading works.

If you refuse to release the information because you feel people might abuse it. If the system is abuseable some people are already doing it.

It’s only broken if they’ve constructed a broken system.

Pretty much all forums works this way. It doesn’t help that so many people carry themselves like they’ve the maturity of a 5 year old.

people did not ask for LFG, they asked for RoleQueue with a system to properly rank roles and they got a half baked system with no proper role based SR and no tools to keep trolls out of their groups. Private profiles made the problem much worse now you’re asking people to open profiles and having conversations about why you need to see what they play then getting salty and joining your group over and over when you ask them to leave / kick them.

I simply want a system which will generate more genuinely fun, balanced games. Actually read this instead of going on about people and “climbing” which I’m so tired of hearing about. People lament their rank because they are constantly in games which are low quality and they hope it’ll be fixed when they move up. If the game quality was not trash, there would not be so much of this on the forums. I have had losses which were more fun than wins simply because people were working together. It’s a video game…it’s not like if I lose I don’t get paid this week.

We don’t all care about our rank, but some of us care about the amount of time competitive wastes when we go into it. The games are often trash because the matchmaker is trash.

Strictly speaking on the MMR front, everything Blizzard ever said about Competitive and its matchmaking has been compiled into this topic:

It’s a very extensive References section on the bottom of the post.

As for general match quality, the entire balance of the game, first and foremost, is made around fully-organized teams taking on other fully-organized teams. This was never exactly meant for random matching randoms with other randoms to take on other randoms. You could argue that this kind of game was too idealistic in nature to be feasible, but I’m pretty sure that in primary schooling all over the world, people at some point had no choice but to work with other people even if they didn’t want to.

That being said, the actual rank very much factors in for so many players (just look a couple posts above you to see someone complaining about the matchmaker intentionally giving him bad teammates).

This is a nice post and all but it doesn’t really make up for an MMR system which is basically a black box.

Show me why you’ve altered my score.

You could also argue putting this game in place without any structure or rules in place guiding people to the playstyle the developers had envisioned was an incredibly short sighted decision.

No, bad teammates factor in. If they didn’t have bad teammates they wouldn’t be complaining. The assumption is with more rank comes better teammates, otherwise you’ll get (and you probably will) the same complaints higher up.

People want a fun game that doesn’t constantly produce low quality stomp matches, you want to feel like your skills are being tested. Often times it feels like your patience for dealing with your team is the true test.

but being the system is based around playing 100s of rounds it’s still not really an issue. Even if a player had used a full on paid boosting service to go from gold to GM it’s not like they will be able to stay in GM on their own game play.
As they fall back down they will course help play a hand in losing games for teams but all of those players will need to be playing 100s of games to get their true rank too.

So much like one cheat day doesn’t blow a years worth of dieting, it’s still not really a factor.
Players who are at a SR they don’t like after 100s of games and/or a few seasons worth of play have game play that matches up to their current SR. They just do.
This is backed up by countless VOD reviews that always show golds playing like a golds, masters like masters etc.

A lot of the match making factors players use as an excuse for being hard stuck for 5+ seasons is a row just don’t hold a lot of water. If one is stuck at a lower SR, they have glaring issues in their game play . If a player get stuck at a higher SR they just have not committed to the level of play needed to break into some of the high SR ranges.

like say masters to GM is asking to be top 3% to top sub 1% of the player base. A player can be very good at the game but that’s still a large hump to get over.

No game does this.

According to Seagull, back in beta, Competitive was 6-stacks only, but people wanted solo-queue. So a not-very-good concession was made.

Define: bad teammates.

This is a very slippery slope because bad teammates can mean a whole lot of different things, and some of these can actually be misperceptions of “bad”. You might say that one of your teammates is “bad”, but that teammate may say the same thing of you. Who’s correct? Are either of you even correct or is it just incompatibility?

This all goes back to the case of comp not being 6-stack only.

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Wheres my paycheck???

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Ignore him. He claims I’m somehow a Blizzard employee.

I see the matchmaker is still forcing you to be at the rank I said it would keep you at. You still haven’t budged on your opinion that the matchmaker isn’t the slightest bit rigged?

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No. Because revealing it will cause people to play solely for the SR instead of playing the game at hand. If you play the SR then it ceases to matter if you win or lose, you’ll rank up all the same.

Remember all the Mercy one-tricks who made it up to grand master because they played for the SR and not the game? Yeah. Revealing what goes into the hidden MMR will have that returning again.

That’s kinda like asking the IRS for all the formulas they use to determine how the economy is doing. With that info you can game the market regardless on how it’s actually performing.

I hit a new career high… and am a few hundred SR above the last time we spoke…

Nearly peaked in master for the first time aswell this season (3.1 last s.)

Guess we are just working for blizzard huh :man_shrugging:


its their choice. I dont really care

so people wouldnt abuse a possible loop hole

you have nothing other than anecdotal evidence from tilted players to back up any claims. you have not met your burden of proof.

because if they break down exactly how its calculated, people will 100% find a loop hole to abuse. no system is perfect.
just because your not GM does not mean that the system is unbalanced.

Not really

If they are bad they will drop. Plain and simple

I guess you like people thinking you suck when you’re good.

That’s hardly worth defending, I don’t know why you would.

I could not agree more!! Even when I lose, if it is back and forth game taking the effort of everyone involved, communication, laughing, and FUN the game is great!!! Did I lose… hell ya but had a blast doing it. Getting my face rocked or rocking face just is not fun.

He’s literally a GM Ana main. You’d have to be brain-dead to think he’s boosted.