Poll on Lucio's New Update


Just to get a better idea of what people are thinking since the forums are a mess, here is a simple yay or nay poll to tally your opinion. To recap, the changes in question are as follows




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nay its not needed so why nerf him in the first place


Although I’m not fond of the wall ride changes, I love that they have removed the ammo cost for his boop, because it doesn’t feel right having an ability consume ammo (which he doesn’t have a lot of).


I’m fine with lowering his skill floor for new players to get the hang of lucio. Wallriding around corners seems like it should have been enough. But they also added the ability to jump back in the same wall you were just on, after about 1 second of being off of it. That just seems like blantent noob pandering.

But even given all that. As long as lucio can go just as fast and jump just as far, I’m ok with it. But in it’s current state, it’s not the same. I vote nay.


I’m fine with the no ammo soundwave but the speed loss and jerking you around corners is not needed. Nay


For any decent somewhat accurate result you should post a poll like this in the general forums, most of the people never even come to the PTR. This include all polls about anything btw, it isn’t just because it is about lucio that i’m saying this.


Nay for me. They exxagearated


Absolute Nay


Either 9 people thought Lucio would be better being less effective, or they didn’t understand the question.


The idea I keep pushing is “why not both?” and people seem to like it, although nobody finds it very likely that it’s something blizzard would actually do.


lucio is the lowest picked healer in owl.

if they change it it should be remove the soundbarrier cast time and either make his bullets faster or make em hit harder.


I kinda like that beat has a cast time. It makes it worse but it makes it more fun to figure out how to use it well, and also raises the skill ceiling since ult value can vary wildly between players. Learning how to beat up to a higher surface to lower cast time or beat with cover and then reestablish LOS during the grace period are important skills, and I would be mildly annoyed if they were no longer useful. The projectile speed thing I don’t think he needs, but it could balance out the loss of ability to close the distance if they go through with the speed nerf.




It honestly can’t be that hard for Blizzard to make a custom setting for Lucio which turns it off. It honestly would the best of both worlds, new players will have an easier time while people who mastered it doesn’t have to deal with it and keep the old lucio.