Points of ranked matchs

Hello, I have a problem with my ranked match odds, I had a series of losses and with each defeat I lost each time about 60 points after finally a victory I only won 23 points. This means that in two days I lost more than 500 points for about fifteen games!!!
I want my points back!

Points cannot be refunded. (Refer to Thread)

I can explain to you what’s happening.

You’ve moved recently from Console to PC right?
That means you’ve started a completely new fresh account.

That said, it means you don’t have a set MMR* (* Matchmaking Rating) yet.
The system has to calculate yours from scratch, it doesn’t have any information.

This can mean that your SR loss/gain can fluctuate quite a bit, especially due to the placement matches being shortened from 10 to 5.

If the MMR system thinks you’ve misplaced it will change up your SR gain/loss, meaning you’ll get to your appropiate ranking in time.

The only solution to this is playing more and more until the MMR get’s aligned.