Points of ranked match

Hello Blizzard, I have a problem with my competition points. I made my tank placements and I arrived at 2946, so far everything is going well, but I lost three tank games and each of them made me lose between 100 and 120 points. I find it outrageous to lose that much knowing that my allies have lost between 20 and 25 points. So I would like to claim my points or a very good explanation of this problem.

Points cannot be refunded. (Refer to: Thread)

Hey there!

You’re a new player correct?

In that case i’ve got a question:
Have you allies played the game for longer than you?

I can explain to you what’s happening.

Being a new player can cause some difficulty for the system.

That said, it means you don’t have a set MMR* (* Matchmaking Rating) yet.
The system has to calculate yours from scratch, it doesn’t have any information.

This can mean that your SR loss/gain can fluctuate quite a bit, especially due to the placement matches being shortened from 10 to 5.

If the MMR system thinks you’ve misplaced it will change up your SR gain/loss, meaning you’ll get to your appropiate ranking in time.

The only solution to this is playing more and more until the MMR get’s aligned.

Everything is working as intended, and you will get put to your appropiate ranking so don’t worry.