Pointless To Even Play Anymore

Honestly, the way this MMR is shooting up so high every time you win ONE fricking game?

Not even worth playing this game any more.

Stomp, get stomped, stomp, get stomped. Repeat for eternity, because the matchmaker is so rigged and trying WAY too hard to combat smurfs or whatever it’s doing. You literally can not put one one good win with decent stats without being punished hard for it next game… thanks to the matchmaker.

Until they decide to use RANK instead of their ridiculously overtuned MMR… it’s not even worth playing.

Blizz. Listen to the players. We are telling this is not working. Instead, every time you try and fix it, you seem to crank the MMR swings up even higher. That’s the opposite of what this game needs. Get out of your own way, trust ranks, and let players play the game without you trying to control it so hard you suck the fun right out of it.

I feel like someone there REALLY believes in this MMR thing and feels the answer is to rig it harder!

The point is, if someone is in Plat and they win a single game, put up good numbers… their next game should be almost exactly the same. Incremental difficulty increases, again, and again, until they actually RANK up to meet the Masters. Instead, you win a game and suddenly go against a whole team two ranks higher than you. It’s ruining the game.

Smurfs are not the worst thing in the world. This matchmaker treating everyone like a smurf just because they won a game or two IS the worst thing int he world.

I see no fixes coming, I see no reason to even play. Can’t even unlock skins for our time.

You’ve literally left NO REASON for anyone to even play anymore.


It’s stomp and be stomped because every time the start doesn’t go your way you give up. You are the most negative poster here.

I just won a game where for 80% of the match we were behind. You would probably say we were being stomped.

Fact is the only constant in all your games is you. The only way you will improve your rank is by focusing on the errors you make. A good start is a postive can do attitude.


Lots of assumptions there. I never give up. My duo partner and I are almost always the last oness trying, ones to turn the game around, putting up good stats (not that it matters)

That’s the problem. All this earns you is an unfairly high MMR, far outside of your rank, which means Hard Mode games. It’s pointless because you don’t actually get games in your rank. They’ve decided you get whatever games their computer wants you to have. Doing well? Here, play vs. players two full ranks higher than you.

The fact that RANK doesn’t even matter, and you will play vs. Masters while in Plat thanks to some ridiculous secret MMR? That makes the game pointless to play.

Also, what a canned response. Same old talking pointss. The only constant is you. You can’t rank up until you’re good. Know what? I HAVE ranked up. I have improved. And…

It’s still pointless. I don’t know what Plat games are. One night they’re easy stomps vs. Silvers. One night they’re ridiculous steam rolls vs. Masters. Night after night, this MMR makes such ridiculous games that the matchmaker itself literally makes no sense and removes all sense of progression, rank, skill. It’s just some free-for-all between all ranks where you have a couple good games then earn Hard Mode. Lose a couple and it helps you. Who wants that? I want to play vs. Players in my rank. I don’t want to play vs. the actual matchmaker. That’s how this game feels. Pointless.

I’m not the only one saying this. Look ALL over the internet. Even Top 500 players are saying the matches are absolutely terrible, the worst they’ve ever been.

So, save your canned response. I’ve also won games when we were way behind. It doesn’t mean the matchmaker is fine. The game has a major problem. They need to fix it or they’ll lose everyone, if they haven’t already.

Yeah I can tell when the game’s decided to give me a unwinnable match where the whole team is clearly 10 steps behind the other one. I don’t get why but it is intentional. There’s tough games you come back from and then there’s the ones where your whole team gets one or two kills literally the whole game.

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I guess your on patrol today…. And no the teams don’t give up. But I get the exact same thing as the poster, I do win time to time, I could share those game replays once I get back. Multiple games in a row I’ll get one death 30 elims. Then I see opponents who are top 500 contenders in my now GOLD games.

Something is broken! False positives on the Smurf detection or maybe like op my mmr is too fluid.

Alright so here it is:

last 4 games - and these are not even my BEST carry games. Had a tracer game 50-0 TWICE. I’m exaggerating but it was redic.

1SFZ9S : 28 - 6, Best KDR in the lobby, but not the most elims (tied with the most).
C22HMB : 36 - 8 / 6 Assist. Not even the best in lobby and 8 deaths the second most on my team. (also note had a support lets label them as X, and against a DPS label as Y)
93AMBQ - 37-6 best KDR in the lobby, most elims least deaths, 21 killing blows. Played Against support X.
QMJBM6 - 29 - 4 Best KDR in lobby. We actually almost lost this one. Had to go to round 3, and we didnt even cap it first.

We got 4 wins in a row, best KDR in lobby. All final blows 50-70% of the elims. I get good KDR cause I dont die alot. Even on Ashe I am top 91% in deaths according to overbuff, yet I still try to be aggressive.

Also with these 4 wins, I didnt rank up why? cause before I had 6-7 losses. BUT because of these games I feel I am going to get another 6-10 losses in my next 5 wins, maybe even in a row.

See you in GOLD folks! My home town, NOW with an “InFLoW of NEW PlAYeRs”!!

Yeah this is hands down the worst ranked matchmaker I have ever played. Just recently got back and climbed back up to plat as support where I tend to stay. Then got a full set of absolute 100% stomps - where I still did amazing heals and good kills - and got thrown down to gold 5. But it didn’t end there! At gold 5 I did even better and had literally 2x the heals of the next best support and typically highest or tied highest dmg / kills across supports too. Still got stomps. Now I’m silver 3.

As a tank or a dps you do have agency over your rank, and I’d argue as a hitscan support too if your aim is FAR above the rank you’re playing at. But for any other support you literally wind up anywhere between bronze and diamond. It’s just, downright comically bad.

The fact that our end of season rewards are based on whatever mood the rng-maker has instead of highest obtained rank just rubs it in. It’s plainly obvious that whoever designed this system had no experience on how to make proper matchmakers in the first place, let alone cared even a little about the support players in it.


To the devs
The funniest part here, that smurfs don’t even suffer from that, we have made ourselves an environment an infrastructure where we thrive anyway, we compete for our fun unlike casual players.
Fighting smurfs will bury casuals much quicker. So you have no choice but bring the old system back, where SR matches MMR, where icons are displayed and matchmaker is not rigged that much.
To the community
Smurf commandment #7
Beating low elo player is inglorious, beating the matchmaker is priceless.

So the next time, when you ask the smurf why he does this or that, or assumming he “suck” on his main, think about it. We hate this MM the same as you do, but we have a bonus, called skill to have a control over this stupid system made up by incompetent devs. Look at the recent interview, look at these amateurs that can’t even answer simple questions addressed to them. Do you see any convincing faces there on any side? I don’t.

Do you guys enjoy watching high ranked players on twitch? I don’t, well not anymore. Because I can see how this game abuses them, but they still have a good income to keep suffering from that. Not everyone gets the same profit, so they will find the way around. This is the only game I know where an actually skilled player can look like he sucks in this game. So, the plot of this story is ABUSE or get ABUSED.

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It can’t be all stomp/stomped you know. It’s more like 33% stomp 33% stomped and 33% close fun games(in my experience).Still a problem don’t get me wrong.

you don’t get it do you?
you never had a silver soldier in your game going 8-20 and wondering why are you still trying?
Never had a smurf that completely destroyed you?
Most people are wired to remember the negative things more than positives.So that 33% stomps games will sting longer and harder + smurfs/cheaters that make things worse.

I love this.You can have a positive attitude (hell I try in every game) , but there is a limit. Same with “focusing on improving”. It’s a team based game not csgo lole (unless of course you play widow, in that case…yeah you can pretty much carry every game :+1: ).

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The funny/sad thing is, many posters here, if they were the losing team (in this comeback scenario), would say the game decided to force them to lose, rather than give credit to the winning team for not giving up.

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I don’t have that 33% experience at all. For me it’s more like 90%+ chance of stomp, and 10% (at the very most) balanced matches.

Also my experience is that while you may get a few matches that you are on the stomping side, the MM will quickly take note and make sure to cut that sprint then and there. It however has no issues at all about putting a stomp against you say, 20-30 matches in a row. The most I’ve ever seen my side stomp others is around 4, maybe 5 matches in a row. I remember because I only play comp and 5 wins is one full rank adjustment. Meanwhile back in season 1 I had even drops of 4 full metal ranks (plat to bronze) over the course of a few days from getting absolutely obviously rigged matches.

I know people have a tilted experience and selective memory, but whenever this happens to such an extent that it starts to get under my skin, I start typing that stuff up just to make sure what I’m feeling is what’s actually going on too.

Such as, I recorded the results of a little over 400 matchups in Guild Wars in 4v4 random PvP arenas, where there was 1 healer on one side, none on the other, and there were no leavers or trolls on either side to skew the results. Turns out the team with a healer had around 81% chance of winning the fight. But officially there was no balance problem. Which, well, was wrong or a lie.

Or, I kept a log about Darktide and my reason for wiping the highest difficulty runs, and roughly 70% of the time it was because of a dog. Which are notoriously buggy in that game.

I had a similar little notebook about OW once, about wins and losses, and it was surprisingly more balanced than I thought (usually going like 1-2 wins, 1-5 losses, repeat), but I do remember that the streaks were wildly lopsided. You never had long streaks of wins, while you consistently did get long streaks of losses. Obviously this is OW2 and not OW, but so far over seasons 1 and 3 that I’ve played, the experience feels exactly the same.


OR, you’ve played your daily allotment of 20 matches. so your connection to the ow server is nerfed for the day.

You can have your best game as Widow and still lose the match. But sometimes getting POTG feels better than winning anyway.

Then why are you still playing


How much do you get paid to gaslight players


Cut the game off. Go outside


So why did you quit, then decide to come back not 2 seconds later and start complaining about the same things yet again over and over and over again? All your posts are repetitive and negative. Just stop playing if it’s still making you this frustrated.

Personally I’ve been able to go from Gold to Masters within 3 seasons of OW2 because of one piece of advice:


You’re not allowed to use facts and logic on the forums. You’re gonna get chased out of town with pitchforks


Bro… it’s just a game with pretty colors… calm down…

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When you say that, they’re going to go to Flats or Jay3 for advice.

Don’t like it, don’t play it. Is that simple.