PLZ HELP i cant connect to the overwatch servers

my internet is working fine and everytime i click play it says connecting until it finally says I cant connect, my internet is working perfectly fine tho i dont understand what to do :frowning:

Did you read the stickies about connection issues? Which steps have you completed and what were the results? Common Connection and Latency Issues

yea i flushed my dns i repaired the game i reinstalled it my internet works 100% fine but everytime i click play it doesnt connect and cant get to the main menu

Okay, but when you make a thread about connection issues, the instructions tell you to include the network tests in order for anyone to see what the problem is/help you. Please follow the instructions here, otherwise we don’t have any information to assist you: Common Connection and Latency Issues - #4 by Glaxigrav

Same here. First I thought it’s my internet connection issue. But this problem won’t happen when I play the game generated by others. It only happens while I entering the quick play. I don’t know how to deal with it