Pls mercy mains... don't


Yes…She needed changes…

yes res is too good as an ability


When willblizzard get that rez as an ability DOES NOT WORK


It will be funny to see people requesting for healing when a Winston jumps into them. Sorry pal but you are receiving damage boost as my healing won’t save you from him.


cuz… laziness.

its easier to change some numbers than fix rez.


Of course she will still be broken.

This nerf changes nothing.

Free 30 second revive with 0 effort, 0 commitment, 0 anything put into it. Make it earnable and make that how skilled mercy players can get it off. The current iteration is cheap and forgives Mercy players that play poorly.

Give Mercy an actual skill component.


I can see Doomfist getting a nerf now definitely it’s coming.


She needs changes, but this is not the right change. Everything in her base kit is fine and has always been fine. Valkyrie and rez are the only things that need to be changed.


Mercy’s skill component was (and should be) in strategic decision making. They removed that with the rework.


The issue with this is on multiple fronts. The biggest of which is that while yes Mercy did need a nerf (revert with tweaks or another rework would be preferable) they are nerfing the wrong aspect.

Mercy with her rework removed all of her weaknesses she was never meant to be an aoe healer she was meant to have strong, consistent single target heals. Valk effectively removed all of this and as it has been said before it’s a failed ult from the beta which should have never returned along with the slow on res, b but that’s another issue which leads to the next point.

Mercy will never be balanced as long as she had res on cool down. Move or incorporate it back to her ult and give her a different E or leave it blank for all I care.

At this point blizzard is being completely tone deaf to Mercy’s actual issues. Look through the many megathreads while there are pointless and bad suggestions there are some gems, such as some of titanium’s posts. As is I see this nerf further dividing the player base and causing some to leave.


The point being, she is a poster girl. She will be played even if she will be arguably the worst hero in existence.

The only thing such a nerf will do is that suddenly blizzard support gets a whole load of reports of mercy players being “bad teammates” and “unwilling to switch” and “throwing”
You know, because people can’t report people for playing certain heroes, but they do that anyway.


“I need healing!”
“That’s unfortunate.”


The issue was not and still is not Mercy’s strength.

The issue is the gross lack of communication with Blizzard on how to Manage Mercy in the Valk era.

Including today’s proposed support changes, Blizzard has made two posts regarding Mercy’s state of affairs since the Valk nerfs went live. Two.

This is far, far beyond a balancing mistake. This is quite possibly a PR gaffe.


winston is about to be a lot more dominate lmao.

her healing isn’t the problem lmao!!! it’s the rez!!!


She’s a main healer. There are only 3 of them, and at least one is required in every team.

Yeah, her healing was higher, but that came at the expense of her not having anything to her kit other than healing. Ana has hitscan damage, anti, and CC. Moira has punishing, highly accurate, barrier evading damage. Putting Mercy’s healing on par with the other healers is a huge mistake. Why would anybody want to take her over another now?


We know. Any and everyone who plays Mercy knows. When did you ever see people complaining about her healing too much?

Every complaint for the past 6 months has been about rez.


Malfurion in Heroes of the Storm and his 5 reworks and many changes in a year would like to have a word with you


trust me they would with another main healer (either moira or ana). Her press E TO REZ is broken.


I’ve said this once, I’ve said this countless times this year:

Just because A change is needed does NOT mean that ANY change is good.


I am fine with the nerfs ‘-’

Mercy main here, she kinda of needed a nerf, not sure if that was the right nerf but let’s see how it goes



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