Please UN-PERMIT smurfs

Papa Jeff said smurfing was no problem. He was very mistaken.

  1. They end up being high ranked smurfs who end up ruining matches entirely by spawn killing another team, all the way down to being continually harrassed.

  2. There’s nothing you really can do to actually kill one, so this makes matches IMPOSSIBLE to win (unless those smurfs are noobs too). You can try, and try, but it just won’t bring you results. (UNLESS you’re some sort of pro.)

  3. If the enemy team has a smurf, they end up overpowering the other team, + due to a recent study, they end up trickling onto the point instead of grouping up. And even if they grouped up, they’d most likely be a easy target for a graviton strike.


I think it is important that we clarify context here:

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Smurfing bring them more money, in their eyes there is no problem.


Wyoming, please do see common sense instead of just reading a board full of rules that have NOTHING to do over how the match goes, who’s in the match, etcetera.

Throwing is not against the rules as far as I can tell. I’ve never seen any throw report I’ve sent get resulted in an action.

As much as everyone hates smurfs, there’s not much anyone can do about it. Any smurf can make an account, perform terribly and bust out their tryhard mode in a second.

There isn’t much you can do other than just try your best, really.

My best ended up being my worst as this Genji smurf kept spawn camping me.

There’s always another day.

Swap to Moira or Sombra. You have a better chance countering the smurfs main. Or just learn Widow. A headshot is a pretty nice equalizer.

Tried, and failed. :frowning:

I perceive the game just fine. I believe in Jeff Kaplan’s statement because in most matches that I have seen with low-level players, they are playing at my caliber. Yes sometimes they carry and sometimes fail miserably. I also reflect on feedback players have about me when I am having an off-day. Three nights ago, I was flamed HARD when I could not perform in a DPS role in Competitive, I was trying, but there was something about that match where the time could not work together. I even switched off in the second round, and the players who took over DPS performed even worse, but I was still flamed because of my high XP level and was accused of tanking. In reality, alternate account or not, players get mad without evidence of foul play. Besides in the quote I linked, Jeff answers my own question that if we should even report players we suspect of boosting and whe said that we should not worry about it as they have measures in place to find such players on their end.


But, did you get endlessly steamrolled by one specific player that’s seemingly a noob? I’ve studied this longer than you have, and one man’s word doesn’t guarantee much(sometimes).

It’s really not that hard to find smurfs, you just have to play comp when the game is on sale. There’s always that level 25-30 Genji/Widow steamrolling your team.

What would banning smurfs even mean? They’re separate account log ins, how are they even supposed to detect this?

I am at xp level 1533, you appear to be at level 276, so I do believe I have a good sense of the community in the game today.

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Obviously, you’ve never lost on a 20 game streak.

Actually I have, tilt and rage tanked my rank to Bronze in season 3, but slowly rebounded in season 4.

I would be perfectly happy to link my main account to my second account.

I have a second account, used it for a couple days. But I don’t like using it, because I don’t earn any coins for my main account.

If I could send the coins to my main account and get instant access into competitive instead of rank 25.

That would be a great trade for more accurate matchmaking.

You most likely won half of those 2

Recovering my rank? It took about two months to recover at about a 55% win rate. Losing it before took a single night.

One thing for sure, the fault for losing my rank in Season 3 was purely my own. I got tilted and I played really, really badly (not by intent of course). However I emerged a stronger player since.