Please try harder to do something about smurfs

Literally just take the time to watch this. It has the response he had when asked more recently and it’s much different than you in your hatred for anyone who even thinks of getting a second account would want to hear.

I’ve had to say it several times. But OW2 is not a separate game as far as the multiplayer is concerned. I could see them changing the ladder further into it, but I don’t think it’s coming at launch.

How about instead I just put you on ignore since I’m sick of you making false claims about my posts and telling me what to do.

Right back at you idiot. I made no false claims yet you won’t keep up with what any dev says unless it’s part of the forums. Go ahead and keep parroting the same arguments and see how more people start to ignore you. Not that you’ll mind since you only want to hear people you agree with anyway.

I get that OW2 is “redefining a sequel” i.e. Expansion pack PvE/Campaign DLC.
But it’s a catchall timeline/gate for all kinds of QoL improvements. That’s why I bin all the wishlist stuff with that release cycle.

May I ask what exactly is the difference between throwing on your main account and throwing on a smurf account, as it pertains to you? Nothing. You’re against throwers, not throwers who just so happen to be playing on another account.

Sure you may argue that since it’s not their main account or since they could just buy another if it gets banned, they won’t care much for winning and may be more inclined to throw, but still, the problem lies with the throwing itself. The motive or reasoning doesn’t really matter because to you, someone is just ruining your game and that’s the main problem.

Again, throwing is still the main issue here. Buying low rank accounts should not be allowed, sure, but how exactly do you plan on preventing it?

Ok and what are you proposing? Getting punished for throwing isn’t enough? Do you think that Blizzard should hunt these players down and bring them to justice or something? How can Blizzard know if someone has bought another account for someone? Or better yet, why in the world would Blizzard want to prevent someone from buying their game again? XD

If you’re proposing some other kind of ban besides an account ban, then what? An IP ban? If they do that then we’re back at our previous dilemma lol. That would simply prevent players from buying more accounts from Blizzard meaning less cash for them. Put simply, not going to happen.

Well that isn’t exactly what the other guy said lol, but sure.

And how exactly did they get to these lower ranks? That’s right, throwing. That is the real problem and what makes games unfun. Simply buying or playing on a smurf, secondary, alternate (whatever you wanna call it) account is not the issue in and of itself.

I just don’t think the chaos that a reset would bring would be worth it. Doesn’t solve anything major really and might just make people quit the game.

If anything I’d like to see the mmr instead of being based off of your entire history of playing the game, be based on only recent data. (Last 2-3 seasons, 1-3 months or last 200 games something like that.) That way it could better adjust to trends of improvement or people getting worse (is disprovement a word or would it just be unimprovement?).

This actually makes sense because on Console it doesn’t require you to buy the game again to play on another account. This most likely just proves that smurfs on PC aren’t going away any time soon since it literally requires that you give Blizzard more money to play on another account.

Ngl, I’d love to play a few games in bronze or silver just to see how much fun i could have wiping out a whole team. Never will do it though

Look. Yes throwing is an issue and in a way it is the main issue that ties it all together. But think of it this way, the fact that extra accounts can be treated as so disposable by players then they have nothing to lose. Same thing with buying low rank accounts. I don’t need to have a solution to that to recognize that it is a problem.

You can try to defend the term “smurf” all you want and try to spread the hate towards throwers in general but guess what? I’ve said before I only call someone a smurf if they are deliberately staying at a low rank to begin with. Yes they throw and that’s part of the problem but the core problem with smurfs by my definition is that they do what they do, whether it be throwing or destroying players they don’t belong with, purely to bully.

If they reset between seasons, forcing a baby grind from the ground up, along with extra emphasis on +pbsr (for the first while), then the smurfs/alt accounts would impart less overall damage to the ladder over the course of the season. A few weird matches upfront to vaccinate against a never ending cesspool for 1/3 of your players? Sounds like a worthy tradeoff.

Not really. You’re telling me you want to potentially play with players from any point in the ladder who are just doing their placements while you are? That could lead to the pbsr thinking you’re bronze if you play against gm or gm if you play against bronze. It’s just not worth it to further kill the player population so people in bronze can have hope that their sr was wrong.


As a person with 9 alt accounts, there absolutely is a fine line between smurfing and throwing. A true smurf knows how to carry his team but still ensure they lose.

Suppose I duo with a mercy smurf. I pick Genji every game. I farm blades like crazy. I use them whenever I want. The mercy only pockets me. I do not play the objective. If enemies cap they cap I don’t care. If my whole team just got wiped I’ll still go for the dragon blade because I want to 1v6. Now you may consider that as throwing, but I’m killing more people than the whole team is. For that given rank im outplaying most players.

The fact is throwing is a relative term depenent on how one perceived the game should be played. I can always make the argument to my team that “maybe you guys pick ana tracer + dive tanks to complement me” rather than play a dysfunctional comp that doesn’t suit Genji. Or rather I can make the argument that my team is throwing because they aren’t playing on my pace.

This is a true smurf. A true smurf understands the game so well that he knows how to carry but still lose. Every game is enjoyabale because I get all the resources I need, kill a bunch of people, and lose so I keep the same SR. Am I throwing? No. but am I tryharding? Nope.


You’ll get away with it ~3 times and then the jig will be up. The matchmaker will find even stronger bullies to teach you a lesson. And you’ll be on smurf island, aka fake bronze/silver, playing rigged smurf matches back and forth, never wiping whole teams because the matches would be close.

Yeah, good thing I’m putting you on ignore since you’ve resorted to being toxic instead of just harassing.

Yes, you did. You claimed I was spamming which I have not been.

I watch plenty of Youtube videos featuring dev comments, including the Developer Updates. However, none of what I’ve seen has changed Jeff’s promised solution to smurfs come Overwatch 2 or possibly later, so I will continue to inform people of what Jeff has promised despite the harassment and toxicity of a random forum poster such as yourself.

I really don’t care if some people choose to ignore me. That’s completely their prerogative. There’s plenty of others that appreciate being apprised of things that have been promised by Jeff.

Wish the game could do that but I doubt it does. Too risky/hard to tell a player who just performs inconsistently apart from someone who throws smartly (keeping their stats up but letting the opponent cap objectives). It’s not like in gtaV where players who constantly destroy someone else’s car are easy to spot and can be put in their own lobbies.

Ooft. Obviously this is speculation as none of us know how matchmaking actually works, but if it’s true, the performance based SR aspect in all the ranks must be broken AF

That’s a separate issue. Smurfing is the No. 1 problem in ranked.

Throwing means deliberately not trying to win. If you


Then you are throwing and should be banned. That’s all there is to it.

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Like I said before. Yes throwing is an issue. Probably the root of all issues. But I personally have issue with smurfs whether they are currently throwing or not because what they do at all times is inherently bullying.


If you don’t play the objective because you don’t know any better are you throwing? It’s the deliberately part that matters there and unfortunately since there are at least a couple heroes in each role that can be played effectively without ever touching the objective depending on the rest of your team, it’s not like you can base throwing on playing the objective or not.

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