Please stop with wanting LGBTQ+ stuff in OW


I mean I could be reading wrong, but the map shows that in almost every state there is some form of LGBTQ+ protection.


Sean Hannity and others campaigning on behalf of Republican candidates during the midterms is a conflict of interest that establishes him as a mouthpiece of a political party versus a neutral agent merely reporting the goings-on of the world. There is now nothing separating Fox News from any other propaganda machine. The only reason they legally get away with it is because every time they’re taken to court, they use the defense of being an entertainment organization versus a news corp. They don’t even believe themselves to be actual news when you force their hand in court.

They are literally trash.


The grey states lack any protection. The darker grey states are very limited in protections. The orange and purple ones actively prevent the passage of LGBT job protections.
There are 29 of these.


I disagree, but I’m not going to fight a 180 degree vertical battle.


“what do you mean you’re being murdered? that’s illegal people can’t do that”


Not really. People made the claim it was their religious right to discriminate against black people too.

You are allowed to have any religious belief you want but you can’t ruin the lives of others who don’t share that belief has been the general stance for a long time because when the rights are competiting, the government generally defaults to the one that ensures the least damage to society.

This is so much the case that most Americans in all the polls I have seen actually already think it’s settled law that you cannot do that.


Reporting something wrong, or reporting things you don’t like, does not an immoral journalistic outlet make.


Ok but thats not the point you shouldn’t have the right to not hire someone based on their sexual orientation.

If you want to go down the road of they have the right to people they deem fit then they should be able to discriminate on the basis of anything, sex, race whatever they please.


I agree, they want the free advertisement as heroes and it’s stupid


Man see how quick it becomes politically driven that’s what’s needed in my game. Cant wait for next election cycle where each hero states who they votes for


Wow uh I wasn’t expecting to see a discussion about Fox News here


They aren’t shining beacons either but because they are listed as news organizations they have stricter limits than Fox on what they can say and do by law.

Many of those organizations just regurgitate what is on AP and Reuters anyway.


So why do other demographics have job protections :thinking:

I would reword this. You make it feel like you think LGBT people inordinately sexually harass compared to straight people.

So… Why don’t some jobs in male-dominated fields fire women for being women? Wouldn’t want her to sexually harass.

Again, why is this different to straight people?

let’s not be transphobic in the club.


Not my problem what you do or agree on, i was just answering their question.


It’s also funny that the immediate response to someone criticizing Fox News is to bring up outlets that aren’t completely pants-on-head insane.

Little do they know…

I watch neither.



I mean people who are terrible people are terrible people, and no law is going to change that, just like laws wont make murderers any less of a murderer.

all im saying is the intent to protect is there


Yes goys, love the ones who do not breed, advertise it to your children in their video games :weary:


Well I guess any vasectomized males need to be shunned too.

Wait, is vasectomy against CoC?.. D=

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(Tom Powers) #425

I’m locking this thread as it’s taking a negative turn.

Thank you.