Please stop giving the "Win 7 Arcade games" weekly challenge

I hate arcade game modes so much and every week so far this has been one of my weekly challenges. It’s actual torture.

Most arcade players are… uh… not really trying to win, let’s say. For example, they usually refuse to play goats despite the other team rolling us with it – and it’s super frustrating, especially since I already don’t enjoy these modes at all.

It takes me like 20 games of pain to complete this bs challenge and I hate every minute of it. Stop forcing me to play this gamemode… It’d be like if League forced you to play URF. They don’t do this, because they understand that a lot of people don’t like stupid gimmicky game modes.


Yeah seconded. Arcade is supposed to be to just goof off, the 7 wins makes me try to be sweaty in a lobby of people trying to have fun because I don’t enjoy open queue at all and can’t bear to be forced into this nonsense more than 7 times a week