Please stop complain about Brigette


“Moira and Baguette” bakery


You’re justifying an OP hero because she has a counter? Doomfist doesn’t counter her and neither does hammond.

As if her ult doesn’t speed her up letting her close that gap, as if she doesn’t have a shield bash to further close the gap. She is overpowered, she is FAR too easy to have the impact she does, she will ONLY be balanced when her stun is gone and her shield has 300HP. Balance is boring so I can see why you’d rather the brain dead hero stay OP.


Haha, as a Mercy player get used to having complaints after complaints. They won’t go away no matter how nicely you ask.

Best of luck to you.


Tfw you try to keep your distance,and try to run away,but she just flails your behind


I’m justifying her because she is not overpowered, regardless of the emotional hyperbole of the forum denizens. Doomfist and Hammond are outstanding counters. Go knock her around for a bit and see how well she can do her job. Junkrat works wonders too.


Let me redirect you to a post from geoff goodman.


Not op, just too easy


Doomfist - garbage in the meta and with the buff to ranged heroes he will be even more so.

Hammond - will not be meta so this ‘counter’ goes out the window.

Junkrat - junk.

Brig will be played more the next season and I hope all of you realize how overpowered she is. Mercy will lose viability and brig will be considerably better now that her ONLY counter, Pharah, will be virtually useless.


They made an overpowered hero to counter the meta. I already know they intended that, which I’ve said. Can you stop being so dense and read? It’s so annoying how you people pick and choose what you want to acknowledge and go from there. It’s sad.


Whatever makes you comfortable. Have a good day sir.


So you disregard anything you don’t like then complain.
If I really need to switch Junkrat I will. Same with the others.
If I have to switch for anything I will. Not that I like them all. But I like to win.
You’re treating as junk a shield buster…too bad Brigitte has a shield.


She’s just a complete pain in the game since using her mechanically is pretty brain dead which you’ll find great value at lower ranks where peoples aim isn’t the greatest. Higher up you’ll need more game sense to use her effectively but as you climb the ranks aim improves making her less effective due to her range.


A small one…? He is good against rein and Orisa who have… oh wait… yeah MASSIVE shields. But yes he is AMAZING at shooting a tiny shield that moves around.


Some people aren’t happy with this, they want something that’s good at low ranks and trash at anything above. (hello new Sombra)


Not mad, tired of people like you. Thought you were leaving? Now you’re also a liar. Not surprised.


Shield bash shouldn’t stun through barriers.


I don’t know man. You keep replying to me.


Just move her to the Tank category so all the “She’s-a-support-and-she-killed-me!” whiners can STOP. SPAMMING.


I will tell you from experience that a good Doomfist makes for a bad time when playing Brigitte. He’s a great counter, along with Hammond, Junkrat, Pharah and others. She is obviously not her only counter, regardless of how upset you are at having recently been killed by her.

Buck up, it’s going to be okay.


I can’t wait until Brig is nerfed into the ground so all the people who were gold season 9 and GM season 10 drop back down to where they belong.