Please stop backfill

I don’t want to wait 16-20 min for a fkn game. It’s BEYOND ANNOYING that every 3 games I’m joining for the last 2 seconds of a match only to have to wait again. PLEASE put a deserter debuff. Nobody cares about your stupid endorsement system and what number they are. If you even played your own game the deserting matches would stop immediately cause you would actually do something about it.

I do wish there were punishments for leavers in all modes, not just competitive. Jeff did reply to this a while back, so there’s that, even though the problem still hasn’t been solved

Sadly how this game will be remembered.

IDC how long o waited in queue, but the second I see Havana or Paris pop up I’m out before I even see the hero select screen (unless it’s comp because for some reason Havana is still in comp :frowning: )

15 min debuff would solve that outlook. But we should be able to blacklist 1-2 maps too to solve your issue