Please scrap valkyrie


It’s boring and stupid. I’m not saying to restore your rez, but this Mercy feels like numbers instead of fun nowadays.

Edit: Wow. I actually expected the replies to be way worse. While it’s still semi-active, I should add that I am not advocating for a rez revert. I just really hate current valkyrie.


Never had a proper term for how forced Mercy’s kit feels, but this is what I’ve been looking for.


When Jeff made the public announcement of Mercy’s rework way back he made it sound like “Oh this is going to be so much fun… she can fly, imagine that”. Well, Valkyrie is 15 seconds of pure boredom. It’s spectator mode. Why would I want free flying anyways? It takes away the planning and clever positioning that guardian angel requires, it takes away the challenge and the fun. You dumbed Mercy down and turned her ultimate into spectator mode where you don’t even need to do target prioritization.

How could you ever think that dumbing Mercy down would be good hero design?


I mean, I’ve always thought free flight was really fun.
Honestly, I wish they placed more emphasis on Mercy’s speed and healing rather than just res.
If valk had it’s old base speed, and guardian angel speed back, but had a stronger, but interruptible Regen, I’d be happy.


I think flying is super fun. It’d be even superer fun if it wasn’t an ult though.

I’d settle for removing the ally target dependency on Guardian Angel so I could zip around to wherever I want.

(The chain heal/boost thing could even be a basic cooldown ability then.)


Tbh, I prefer Valk over mass rez. Plus, when would like all of your team be ded anyway? Mass rez was bad and needed to be changed. Also, valk has chain heal/power up. The pros imo outweigh the cons.


If you ever watched the making of Overwatch, they showed Mercy’s ultimate they were planning on making. That ultimate is Valkyrie that they currently have now.


try battle mercy makes the game much more fun


Mercy have wings, she is supposed to fly somehow. And how : Her ultimate, Valkyrie.


If you’re playing Battle Mercy, you’re playing the character wrong.


Play Battle Mercy=/=Doing it wrong
Mercy doesn’t have to be ONE playstyle. As long as you heal, no one will care.


It’s fifteen seconds of healing or damage boosting an entire team. It’s still strong. It’s better than Lucio or anas ultimates hands down.


Not exactly.

Lucio gives ppl near him a bubble, Ana makes someone powerful thru nano boost.

So they’re both about the same.



Valk was fun for first week. Flying is ofc fittign of the hero regarded as an angel.

but it fell off afetr that. it is boring and casues too many problems.


I agree. I always loved Mercy and I still love her movement, but everything else is pretty meh. When I play her it makes me feel kind of dead inside. I feel like her ult is something that mostly just allows me to fly around while I watch my teammates die. shrugs

People who love Mercy are complaining, people who hate Mercy are complaining, and I’m just wondering how long it will take to get another rework? #MakeMercyGreatAgain


if ud play battle mercy ud have to battle with ur teamates too it would be like a 1v11


I’d much rather it last half as long and be more powerful. Its ‘power’ is simply that it lasts so long, but that’s also part of what makes it boring.


Just let her put both beams on clustered allies like now, automatically, so she can shoot while it’s all happening at once, for half the amount of time.


It is the only way I have fun with her anymore. Just pure pistol and occasional rezzes.


Mercy should have some kits that actually require more skills than her current form to truly differentiate good Mercy players from mediocre ones.

Mercy’s current form just act like a huge nano-boost itself. She can help strong players even stronger, but in the hand of weak ones, she is pretty much garbage.