Please Revert Cree Firerate - Nerf his Damage

Hi Team,

Thank you for making Soldier feel consistent, but I miss McCree, I understand with his fire rate the damage was too much, but the new McCree doesn’t feel right. He has no mobility and healing so the only thing that gets him in our out of a situation if the player can consistently hit his shots, and that’s the way it should be, I am not complaining but its too slow to react to 1v1 genji’s and reapers jumping on you. So make his damage per second consistent with the current fire rate, i.e. nerf his damage but please switch back the fire rate.

Proposed changes :

Current Fire rate .50/bullet - 3 secs for 6 - Current DPS 70/3 = 23.33

Changed Fire Rate .42/bullet - 2.52 for 6 - Updated DPS 60/3 = 23.80

So changing his damage to 60 per bullet and maybe reducing the damage falloff a bit (maybe starting from 25m opposed to 20m) will make him feel much better.

It is not about buffing or nerfing Cree, he jus doesn’t “feel” good, idk how else to put it, I mean it doesn’t even suit his personality, if he can quick draw and kill everyone in a second (ultimate) what is with this lazy fire rate.

Tldr; Change Mccree damage to 60 from 70 and return his fire rate to keep him consistent. Damage falloff should start from 25m instead of 20m to battle the reduced dps.

Please refrain from Ashe and Widow are better comments, everyone knows that.

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I dunno about that. I’ve been thinking about it and maybe he should just have his reload time decreased, to maybe 1.2 seconds, or even possible 1 second (though that could be too good because of fan the hammer spam). That’s the only thing I can think of that would be a relatively easy implementation since they don’t want him to have his increased fire rate. Then they can lower fan the hammer by 5 damage if they lowered it to 1 second. Or they could just make him have the 1.5 second reload if he uses fan the hammer.


Lowering his damage removes quite a few breakpoints. I guarantee he would feel worse with 60 damage even if the improved rate of fire compensates the DPS. 4 body shots to kill a squishy? No way that feels good.


Jesse was my most played hero back in the good old days. I even got a big poster of him for my playroom. One of the most badass and carismatic heroes.

Every time I look at that poster on the wall, I wonder why such a cool hero has slowly turned into a meme.

The moment Ashe was released I knew bad times were coming for McCree players. I was like: Aw damn… She’s a better McCree for sure. What’s my place now…? I kinda felt like Woody when Buzz Lightyear appears for the first time. Forgotten.

But after years of wondering we finally found our place: The dumpster.

They might as well delete him at this point and nobody would notice. Thank you team. What a fantastic way to treat OG heroes. Cree, Sym, Bastion, Pharah, Zen… Thank you team. Top notch balance there.


Anything but damage nerf! All he need is a reload buff

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He wasn’t broken with the faster firerate. They did the nerf for the same reason they nerfed syms orb. To counteract powercreep.

He doesn’t need the firerate back. He just needs to have 250 hp. He has a bigger hitbox than sym reaper or even doomfist and has really bad mobility options so he deserves it.

They could try 250hp by itself too to see if that helps at all. And maybe air roll just 'cause it’s cool lol.

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Try 250 hp (20 characters)

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60dmg cree is where it needs to be at.

Finally a Cree revision I can support.

no, other heroes need chances too, cree has been picked for almost every meta since day 1, he needs to stay where he at.

This would take McCree from Dumpster Tier, to Dumpster Fire Tier.
Dont play McCree if you want to spam shoot, how about you play Soldier?
McCree needs his fall-off damage buffed


And this somehow proves that it’s ok?

Ana is a sniper who’s primary fire switches from projectile you Hitscan upon scoping, McCree is a flat hitscan. If you increased his fire rate he’d be doing more damage in a shorter time.

I’d say bump it up to 65, but 70 is far too much as it is.

I remember when Ana had 60 damage and it was impossible to duel something outside melee combo range.

60 damage McCree would need a 40 fire rate and more importantly, at least 8-9 rounds in the cylinder to not consider it a straight nerf. (Yes, 8-9 shot revolvers do in fact exist, and in decent numbers too.)

LOL I couldn’t help but see this, and I don’t play McCree. I mean; I understand how she ‘fits’, but when so much of Overwatch is built up on every character being unfailingly unique it felt… Cheap? Like ; here’s a better, enhanced version of McCree’s concept, and her name is Ashe!

She’s got more bullets, more abilities that matter, and an Ultimate that does things without you dyin’ to it all the time. Wowee, why would you pick McCree???

idk man I’m pretty sure the people who came up with the original game are all long gone now, between the strikes, firings, and internal struggles of the company over the last few years ~ I’m just not sure that the smartest people are driving the ship anymore. We had a good launch because some really brilliant people made a really amazing game, but I don’t see evidence of their continued involvement anymore, not with Echo launching the way she did.

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There is no need to lower the damage from his shots, he was already underperforming even with the fast firerate and the regular damage of his shots. We shouldn’t have to settle for mediocrity just because a loud minority of people hate something, but sadly that is how the balance team seems to work. There was no reason to nerf him or any of the other heroes but they did it anyway without any justification and they made them all even worse.

I see that you main pharah and likely hate cree. Cuz pretty much all of us knows a 60 dmg per shot cree would be awful. Which is why you like the idea.

That would be a pretty hefty nerf and ultimately feel bad because he loses his 3 body-shot breakpoint. Having to take 4 shots to kill will feel terrible, but also it will take longer to kill. It currently takes 1 second to kill a 200hp hero, but with the higher fire rate it will take 1.26. There is no way that will feel better than 3-tapping someone.

It also significantly cuts into his more sustained damage because he will have to spend more time reloading, making his barrier pressure lower.

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Mccree has a bigger hitbox than reaper or doom??? I agree that they could make him 250 hp but don’t try to justify it with false arguments lol. Dooms hitbox is literally bigger than zarya’s and reaper is nearly as big as zarya’s “.

No thanks
(20 charac

Ugh unfortunately the admin removed the guy who flamed me, and thus my response was removed as well.

Haven’t dedicatedly run Pharah for well over a year and a half now. Look past the old stats, it’s not gonna give your statement any leverage. I learned to not depend on one single hero. A lot’s changed since we last disagreed.

Nope, I think that low TTK generalist playstyles belong in CoD and would love to see McCree reworked from a mid range Ana into something that could synergize better within a team construct.