Please, retire the grandma

Being slept, teabagged, pinged, anti’d, and then bombarded by a blanket of damage while you watch helplessly as your hero takes years to get up just to die anyways is the worst way to go out for me. It shifts my mood from chill to stressed and I always log out afterwards, even if it’s my first game of the day.

I don’t care for any of the other support heroes, maybe Zen sometimes but rarely as Zen cannot save himself from all forms of 1 on 1’s and has a very unforgiving hit box.

It’s just this one hero who has been a constant thorn in my side, a constant joy kill for me. Please, for the love of tanking. Rework Ana, remove SLEEP.

The game is 5v5 now, tanks SHOULD be able to W+M1 into the back line without worrying about CC, only incoming damage. Remove the CC from non-tanks already, apply debuffs instead.


You could delete sleep and ana would still be strong.


They really really shouldn’t.

I understand that 5v5 has put an ENORMOUS amount of pressure on tanks. Their job is perhaps the most difficult out of all the roles.

But no member of the team should be able to just walk past four other players to smash in the faces of the supports without contest from said supports.

I feel sleep should have a diminished effect on tanks (perhaps only a slow instead of a disable), so they may keep their defence against flankers without making the tanks life a misery. But Tanks should not be able to just W+M1 into the backline.

If that were the case, it is possible the game would become similar to how it was in the OW2 betas, where tanks would not make space or hold any kind of ‘frontline’ instead it was a race to the backline to smoosh the supports. And there was nothing anyone could do about it.

I do agree with you, however, that 5v5 has made tanks a CC magnet and no changes have been made to these interactions to make it a more level playing field. Tanks should be a threat. Just not an unstoppable object that can mow down supports in the backline without contest.


Exactly, the damage output she applies is already better than most of the damage role. CC isn’t needed, her bullets are enough.

I said, WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT CC. Supports can still output damage to keep a tank from going full ape and protect themselves with their healing capabilities. I play mainly Brigitte when I play support and she has no CC (outside of her ultimate), only a knockback which isn’t consider CC.

I usually will whip shot back an ulting Ram to prevent the W+M1 and allow nearby teammates to catch inspire and run away, so even without CC there are ways to stop W+M1. Sleep and anti shouldn’t be one of them.


Don’t tanks already have diminished responses to knockback though? Or am I misremembering that?

So supports will be left with a form of defence that is already not that much of a threat to a tank.

Sleep and anti do seem to be a big issue for tanks though. But I feel like outright removing them would call open season on Ana (who would have no mobility to save herself.) She would become a free kill (as her damage vs a tank is negligible.)

If they removed sleep, she’d need another ability in return. Same with anti. Would they give her knockback? A grapple? Invis? Another irritating immortality mechanic?

I feel that would not so much solve the problem as it would simply shift the annoyance that tanks feel on to another ability.

What about diminishing returns? Or a trade off: If you get slept you can’t be antid for a while. If you get anti’d you can’t be slept.

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How I would rework Ana to make her tolerable to others would be like this:

Reworked Sleep Dart into Drowsy Dart
• Lowers affected enemy’s damage by 50% for a short period of time.

This allows Ana to still 1v1 flankers without worrying about being demolished. She now is on a timer to eliminate the enemy or be eliminated herself.

and you know what…? I’ll keep Biotic Grenade the same. I have no issues with anti-healing as it disables a pocketed flanker from being saved through their mistakes.

Sleep dart is my only hatred. I hate it so freaking much.

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Anti nade should be something like 50% healing reduced on tanks. I’ll even take 75% at this point.

And getting up from the ground when you get slept shouldn’t take that long, the animation needs to be faster because most of the times you’re dead before you even regain control of your character.


It’s the sleep dart animation bruh, that animation alone has always been my bane on here! I promise, if they changed solely the sleep dart, biotic grenade won’t even be an issue.

They already said previously that they’re combatting CC in the game, but then they left the most heinous and horrible CC in the game. That is something future generations will have to make specific college degree level courses to train people for so they could start researching into what the heck was wrong with them when they made that decision


and the worst part is that they have the tools equipped to fix the problem and are choosing not to utilize them. I wouldn’t mind being damage negated than completely flat out put out of the game and put back in slowly to a storm of damage. Being slept is like respawning, annoying.

I’ve never seen a more perfect example of why 5v5 was a bad idea. Takes like this are the reason it was a huge mistake.


What? 5v5 is better than 6v6. Tanks should be able to take up space, especially from squishies, but the squishies should also be to defend themselves from it, which they can do + unnecessarily more.

It’s honestly only Ana that’s making tanking miserable. Sleep dart needs a rework. The rest of the supports are fair.

Remove the antihealing from the grenade and make it so it only gives bonus healing, increase the cooldown on the sleep dart, now she’s balanced.

Not the case when vs against dive, they would have to replace sleep with mobility, that sound healthier tbh.


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She deals 70 damage per shot and can hit them from far away or up close.

Biotic Grenade deals 60 damage and denies healing.

If you don’t see how capable Ana is in 1/1, 1/2 situations, then idk what to tell you. Sleep dart needs to be reworked into a damage negation debuff and that’s my final argument on Ana.

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People want to worry about sleep duration when the real problem is it’s a guaranteed 1.5 second stun due to the animation time of getting up off the ground unable to do anything. Imagine OW1 Flashbang lasting 1.5 seconds. That’s the actual problem with it. Tanks shouldn’t be stunned for 1.5 seconds just because it’s a relatively easy shot to put a projectile twice the size of a Hanzo log into the biggest hitboxes in the game.

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Team 4 devs made it clear they have zero interest in changing Ana in any meaningful way, so Tank role is forever stuck with being hard countered by her :person_shrugging:


Agreed. it should be 0.5s at max - I have no idea why that hasn’t been changed at all tbh.

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skill issue i guess

most top 500 player like cloudy flats emong etc dont really have a problem facing and and thinks she fair

most of them have problem with old zen with 30% discord and bap

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