Please raise Symmetra's base damage (level 1 beam) dps to 90!


symmetras dmg should be 90/135/180. I know her dmg isn’t really a problem but still i dont wanna do winston dmg for 1.6 sec as a 200 healthed character with no survivability.


yass please.


honestly this
the earlier levels (1 mostly) suck so bad. it holds her back a lot when compared to any dps.


Rather they just make the damage increase by a percentage amount based on how much damage you deal. So you go from +0% to +50% at 1 second of constant damage, +100% at 2 seconds of constant damage, +150% at 3 seconds, and +200% at 4 seconds. Basically be like Zarya’s charge but based on dealing damage rather than blocking it with a bubble.


great idea, that should also help sym switch between alt fire and primary fire. Losing primary fire damage when using alt fire is kinda dumb for a dps hero. Let alt fire damage also charge it.


I like it. No dps hero should be doing 60dps at any point, esp when they’re as squishy as Sym.

Sym buffs are what we need next!


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I am for increasing her base damage, as long as, her high damage is reduced down because it’s way OP once she gets there.


They need to just give her a whole new weapon designed to actually fit her kit and style of play. The weapon 3.0 has was absurd to give her in the first place and a completely failed concept after Blizzard has shown to be incompetent at properly balancing the original PTR issue.