Please put b hopping back on echo

please, b hopping is healthy for the game, increasing the characters skill ceiling much high and making her a much more fun character.

(for those who dont know(
before todays ptr change echo could aim straight forward, fly, cancel it real fast, and it would lead to a series of highspeed jumps around 4 or 5, now you cant. please add it back i miss it a lot. it was really fun


Yes. The fix removed every movement technique she had. They could’ve easily toned down the effect or put in a delay when canceling, so that it takes a small delay until the ability actually cancels. Then she could’ve kept some of the initial speed while not making it overly strong, and allowed her glide at a higher speed and b-hop.


Or just increase her base flight and glide speed. She was too fun before and kind of booring to play now.


@Sonic That’s pretty much what I suggested in another post.

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I’m going to have to go out on a limb and disagree.

I find B hopping in ANY game a cheesy action to do. It’s no where near as bad as the Gears wall hopping (that was pure gaming cancer right there) but I still think it’s better with it gone.


Umm b-hopping basically created an entire genre, which is Arena FPS. Without b-hopping games like Quake wouldn’t be as intense and high speed as it is. It adds a layer of complexity to otherwise simpler movement.


I am a simple man. I like simple things. Like a B-hopper being hit by a warthog. Ah, HALO memories…

See? B-hopping adds to the gameplay

No. She could race around even faster and it was too strong on a hero who is already too strong.