Please no hard Sr reset 🙏

I really don’t want a month of chaos…

Along with that I don’t want to climb up again, especially as support (games aren’t really in my hands, climbing is like 25% luck)


It’s kinda reset based on current SR and stats. Month Of Chaos unevitable in September. But it’s not reset to MMR=2500

As they have said there will BE NO RESET. They have been tracking everyone game play. They think they can rank you where you actually belong among 3 roles even if you have never played support or tank.

I can say that the developers are very against the idea of a hard MMR reset at this time. That being said there has been a high majority of feedback especially from that of the higher rank community asking for an MMR reset, as it seems that a lot of players are getting mixed together of various skill levels. When season 18 begins the data accumulated from the role queue beta should not apply directly to everyone’s hidden MMR, but unless they make changes to how the calculation during placement matches work, we are very likely to see the same amount of chaos we have seen in the few days.

Whether an MMR reset happens or not, season 18 will be chaotic in any case.


Participating in the Role Queue Beta will influence the MMR of Season 18 placements.


I’m pretty sure they can’t.
Considering their first attempt was so poor, why would anyone think otherwise?

Maybe give the players the choice to reset their mmr, I have no idea how you can do that though.

Not the problem. The ones who choose to reset are not the issue, it is the varying degrees of play in each tier. No one that doesn’t belong in a rank will opt for a reset.

I’m glad that even you are not above having a typo, Wyoming.

That said the “weather” on the forums will be insane if a full SR reset happened.


If you ask all below 2500 will do reset and have fun to play in low plat with people who actually have 1200. Hard reset is the worst solution always

The main problem is that it would lead to smurfing even more.

Sorry. On my mobile. Voice to talk doesn’t like me sometimes.

I’m just giving you a hard time :wink:

Again, thanks for your hard work. I hope you know I did this in good fun.

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I also desperately need some coffee right now.


I really don’t care if they reset or not. Although I prefer reset to really stick it to those who rode cheaters to where they are, or got boosted to be where they are. Plus new system should start clean.

I just want the end result to be, the people in my games are actually at the same skill level and not someone that needs carrying.


Real boosted people are rare imo.

I know a lot of people do that but never judge a player from one game, everyone can have an off game or off day.

Really? I know a bunch from my friends list (that are no longer on it)
I also know a bunch of people on my friends list and from here that brag about being paid to boost.
So I will form my own opinion on that.

Maybe it depends on the rank, from my experience I don’t often see people that are boosted.

Or they duo with their booster (Usually they are support mains).

Honestly a hard reset will not impact anyone who was not carried.
They will get back to their rank easily.
Sure there may be chaos at first, but I would rather have a real system with repeatable results.

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Chaos affects me


Yeah but there is chaos anyway right now. Just some people are being given a gift of being placed higher than they deserve on a role they don’t deserve it on.
They will a) wreck games as they fall or b) just float and not fall because
if Blizzard has proven one thing, they can’t tell when a bad player needs to be lowered a tier.