Please keep Symmetra an accessible hero, I beg you devs

Symmetra has so many disabled people (including myself) who play her. We love her for her tactical and strategic strengths that really allows us to be on the same level as mechanically intensive heroes because we’re using our minds, chiefly, instead of being held back by painful, stiff, slow muscles and joints that literally can’t keep up with our reactions.

Taking away Symmetra’s aim forgiveness and throwing it away in favor of being incredibly aim precise seems to directly cater and favor the people who HATED her and never wanted her to succeed for their own elitist reasons, while shutting out disabled players in the cold.

By all means, make dramatic changes! But please keep Symmetra’s disabled community in your hearts and in your minds when designing her, and consider retaining her current primary fire functionality.

This is NOT a case of “boo hoo I have to aim,” it’s a case of people literally losing a hero they could succeed and perform to the same standards as non disabled people without discomfort or pain or agitation, with confidence and self esteem in their ability to play without single handedly feeling like a weak link and burden to the team because of their disability.

PLEASE keep our beautiful, autistic hero disabled friendly.


What we know is that she will have a fat hitbox on her laser like Moira does.

The same Moira people say takes no skill to aim.


I don’t mean to sound insensitive but…balancing the game around a small subset (like disabled people) really isn’t the way to go. In any case there are other heroes that don’t need to aim.


It’s not balancing a game around disabled people (though player inclusivity should be encouraged)

It’s ONE hero in the game who already had a dedicated disabled player base, a base that’s being tossed out with the new rework.


Not to be insensitive but I agree with the posts above. Balancing an entire hero’s kit around a group of players with physical disabilities is not a good strategy. She’s going to be more OP than she ever hasn’t before too, tbh.


I would say making sure my game could reach as many players as possible, especially when such players already exist with the hero in question, IS good strategy. Taking away existing accessible heroes might as well be showing disabled players the door.


Moira and Brigitte were just added, there are other accessible characters, and Sym’s ‘strategic’ gameplay was a massive design failure that didn’t mesh with the rest of the game. There are likely more throwers playing Sym than disabled people and Sym mains combined and that is a problem.


Yes, Moira and Brigitte are on the accessible side, but they’re nowhere near the same level as Symmetra, who truly was accessible. Both Brigitte and Moira need to aim still, Brigitte even has an ability that requires more or less precise aim, and her shield bash will now require more precision.

And I would argue there are much less throwers on Symmetra than actual players, but not only do throwers naturally have a bigger spotlight but this unfriendly and toxic community would rather assume the worst of a Symmetra than to actually work together.


Or if you don’t like to aim you can switch to Moira.
The game needs more healers players.

You still can play Rein, Winston, Moira and Brigitte. And we don’t know how this beam will really be yet.


Don’t forget Mercy. She’s quite accessible too


i mean they just released moira and brigitte along with mercy, those don’t really require aim as intense as others hero do. Symmetra’s current kit suffers from being powerful but not useful and having a ‘troll’ pick in your games is incredibly frustrating. By taking away that crutch and increasing her skill floor and ceiling they are making sure there are less trolls in teams. I have no doubt that’s why they introduced moira and brigitte, they knew symm had to be radically changed and that they’d have to give sym mains and people who can’t aim some alternatives.


Ah I forgot. ^^

(20 blabla)

What disability do you have that lock on helps you enjoy the game? Just curious.

You know, it is very interesting - I was thinking about it a couple days ago. Most industries are accessible to people with disabilities and go out of their way to help accommodate different types of people but the video game industry is kind of lacking. At best, we may have visual options but when it comes to physical ones that involve keyboards/controllers, we are ready to accept that they just shouldn’t enjoy games.

I like the idea of the Sym rework because it sounds fun to me but I can sympathize with people who say they physically couldn’t play other heroes but somehow do really well with Symmetra.

I’m a bit surprised that they decided to change how her weapon works (even though we don’t know how it works right now and I hope people with issues before can still use her new gun well) and personally, I would have kept the old gun and introduced new ways for her to have a higher skill tier in her abilities.

Either way, I hope new Symmetra is a fun and valuable hero but I don’t think “balancing aspects of our game around a group of players with physical disabilities is a bad strategy”, in fact it seems like a very well accepted and normal strategy in any industry. Either greater effort has to go in to players being able to use different types of keyboards/controllers/tools to play games (which means developers have to leave their game open to being manipulated by different tech) or games need to have more accessible options within like in its characters and game modes.


“You should learn how to aim”

Yet people ignore that her turrets and orbs sound like their essentially skill shots already, and those enough can separate good and bad Sym players. I think we can take a toned down version of a lock on beam, similar to Moira’s. It’s not too much to ask for is it? She was meant to counter Tracer and Genji.


I like making her more skill intensive though. I really really like the way this rework is going, she’s going to enable mobility in certain heroes that didn’t have it before and she’s gonna melt certain heroes.

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Just to clear it up… - Moira has to aim (even though most people here think she doesn’t…) - Moira explanation - ht tps://

The visuals make it look like her beam just locks on and kills people but that beam is just a visual. She has a big hitbox and works like a hitscan (like she is shooting out a giant Zarya beam, essentially - that is why people said that Zarya mains may do well with her). There is no “soft lock” or lock on mechanic at all - it is just art and a generous hit box.


I don’t have any disability but your post made me concerned, it’s touching. What if they made a mix between old beam and new beam ?

Like you’d have to aim as Moira, and once it’s locked in at a certain range (let’s say, under 5 meters), it becomes the old beam ? (with less arc, maybe 30 degrees) It would still easen things at close, but keep the long range accuracy needed as they’re intending. Would it be a good deal ?


You don’t have to aim for the head so it’s ok.

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