Please, just remove rez

I love the new support changes, it really gives them a chance with the amount of damage and cc the game has now. Except Mercy, who feels so oppressive to play.

She’s not fun, and coming from a mercy main, she never has been since her rework.

I started playing Mercy a little bit before Rez was changed. I’m not saying to revert her. She was far too OP and with rez, she always will be.

Mercy should be able to dish out good heals since she’s the only 100% reliable hero when it comes to main healing. Like I said before, there’s so much damage and cc in this game now, she can’t keep up with it. Even with a second healer Mercy struggles.

Rez doesn’t balance it out when it comes to general output. Rez is not fun. Rez is broken overpowered and it will never be balanced.

You can’t nerf her healing, which was completely fine in the first place, in regards to a really fudging stupid ability.

I know how desperately Blizzard wants to keep Rez but it’s hurting the hero and the game. I don’t care what you do to rez but in it’s current state and further down the line where it probably gets nerfed some more, the appeal that comes to mercy is dying. Her survivability is dropping and will be dropping.

You did your job, Blizzard. You completely ruined the hero’s playability and fun scaler. To be fair, I dropped Mercy for Ana as well. She seems 10x more rewarding and is fun to play. Ana puts my skills in positioning I learned from Mercy to the test. She’s really fun to play and the nano changes feel good. Kudos to Ana mains ^^

It was your goal all along to drop Mercy’s playrate. You did your job, but you also managed to really fudge her up. Doesn’t feel rewarding at all.

I you talk to any mercy main, we all want mercy to be fun. Rez isn’t fun, it’s just OP. You can nerf it and nerf the wrong parts of the kit and make her worse and worse, go ahead. Mercy isn’t dead but it sure feels like it. Good job blizz.


I believe rez can be balanced but having it on her e has caused a lot of issues that her ult rez never did (aka forcing mercy to hide to use rez always)

Her ult rez like most other ults in the game was powerful but with the invuln buff they overbuffed it making it op. A reworked mass rez on ult would the way to go as we could add more counterplay to it while making it so mercy didn’t have to hide.

The main reason most people aren’t enjoying 2.0 mercy is that she feels more so like a sidekick rather then a hero as she lacks that hero moment she used to have.

TLDR; Go And Read Op Of This Instead


Pre rework Mercy had problems, but they weren’t balance ones.


Remove Rez and give her a new ability a long with a limit charge on her heal.

Better: Make Rez an AOE instead of single target
Longer the ability button is held after 2 sec completion larger AOE range gets (10-12m max, 2m each second or something)
AOE also performs a biotic field healing (30 HP/sec) -> Keeps Mercy and pocket team members sustained slightly during use
All targets in the AOE Revived

I can see where your going with this argument, but Rez is one of the most iconic and loved ability in the game. It can change the turnout of a fight, and I don’t know what your talking about “it’s not fun” it is fun. For example, a tracer dies behind the enemy team, I swoop in and get the Rez, valk and I’m out. It’s fun and nerve wracking. And yes it is broken, but what else is balanced in this game, exactly… nothing is. It’s all broken and Overwatch is loved for that. And if you were to remove Rez, what would mercy’s big line “Heroes never die” be made of???


Invuln wasn’t a balance issue? wot m8? she needed some more tweaks to balance mass rez and like a mid fight e (that we were clamoring for before this rework but instead we put rez there for some reason?) that she could use for herself as all of her kit is used to help others.

It was an issue, just not a balance one.

I still think an easier access to her gun could increase her efficiency and her capacity to defend herself, like RMB.

new « e » : enhances damages done by her target for 5 seconds, cd 8 seconds

Ultimate : a more fair resurrection (with los / no invulnerability / whatever) or if you want this ability to go all together, keep Valkyrie, but go back to her previous healing output

Just go back to Mercy 1.0. Res as an E ability will never be balanced yes, but mass res was perfectly fine.
As for removing res…heck no. Mercy wouldn’t be mercy without it.

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