Please help me with my disconnections

i keep getting disconnected from overwatch servers and it isnt my internet cuz i stay connected to discord, chrome and other online services. im really not sure what is wrong with the servers. i just got disconnected right before me and my friends won a game and i lost 50 sr and got a 15 min ban (this has happened before hence the 15 min). if anyone can help this is greatly appreciated. my internet provider is virgin media

If your friends weren’t disconnected from the same game, then you can rule out a server issue. When the server goes down, the match won’t exist anymore, so all players would be dropped from it.

Are you using a mobile data plan? I’m asking because often these types of connections can’t handle the amount of data required by Overwatch.

no i am not using a mobile data plan

Okay, then you’d want to provide a WinMTR test. Instructions are pinned at the top of the forum:

mine has a 1 digit.2 digit.3 digit.2 digit for the server and WinTMR constantly says “no response from host”

Hey, Shadow!

Does it actually show this in-game? If so and you are seeing “no response from host” all the way throughout the entire test, it does sound like there’s some local network issues that’s specifically impacting the connection for Overwatch. Would you be able to try an alternative connection or VPN to see if the disconnections persist?

Using a VPN is still getting the “no response from host”, i want to attach an image can i do this?

You can give a link to Imgur, but there is no direct image uploading in this forum.

However, the server code in the game is a letter code for the location, followed by the server IP. You only use the server IP.

it says i cant include links in my post

Howdy Shadow,

You can paste the link between two grave accents (example: Paste link Here) or space out the link (example: imgur dot com/12345).

imgur dot com/1FpgndR
imgur dot com/yaz1Cvd
im not sure if this helps but here you are

The biggest problem I noticed is that there is latency spikes to the modem. This often happens due to wireless interference. In this situation, I would recommend a wired connection directly to the modem. That’s not always convenient but if you could try that temporarily, it could help pinpoint the problem. Make sure to run another WinMTR test after that while playing the game.

i am running a wired connection

If you are getting these latency spikes while wired, that could indicate a problem with the ethernet cable, network adapter in the computer or a modem problem. It may also be throttling happening within the modem. In this case, you would want to contact the ISP so they can investigate why you are getting these latency spikes to the modem. In the mean time, you may want to test another network like a mobile hotspot to compare the difference.