[PLEASE HELP] I linked my Blizzard and Google account, been watching the ExC tournament, didn't earn any tokens

It’s been a hour and a half since I started watching, decided to have a look at my game to see if I earnt any tokens, but nope! D:

Can anyone help me ??

My friend had the same problem.

He just stopped watching through YouTube page and went back to the OWL app.

OWL app may be better for you

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Yeah you’re probably right. Quite a shame it doesn’t work properly, but the youtube/blizzard link was just added so it’ll probably be fixed in the near future

maybe it takes a bit for the tokens to be added?

Right now I am testing and tracking my rewards while watching on YouTube, I know that OverwatchLeague.com works right away based on most users reports, whereas YouTube tends to have delays.

VERY IMPORTANT In order for me to have a better chance to keep things consolidated, try to keep discussion about earning token drops only to this thread:

Not gotten any tokens from watching the owl page yet and I just checked ingame. And I’ve been watching for 3 hours already.

Do you have the green dot when signed in?

Not sure what you mean. I’m watching from the official owl page where it says I’m logged in to receive viewership rewards.

There should be a green colored dot on that line:

I refreshed the page and now there is a green dot…

Because you know, knowing I had to refresh the darn page to get some stupid green dot to appear so I can start receiving rewards when I tuned into the stream as soon as it began is fantastic. There was no green dot when the stream started and there hadn’t been a green dot before during owl season either.

Now I lost 3 hours worth of tokens I guess.

loud sigh

I understand, and I will be passing on that feedback to Blizzard. It sounds like if you were logged on during the pregame countdown it doesn’t refresh the green dot.

The green dot feature was introduced for Overwatch Contenders to earn contenders skins.

Thanks for the help, maybe I can at least get some tokens today. I really just want 6 tokens so I can get at least one skin.

Well I tuned in on the owl viewer again and this time there’s a green dot from the start.

I seriously hope I can get some tokens today, because I’ve gotten none so far.

If that’s not the case, it’s just broken I guess.